Two Angels and a Half Elf/Half Succubus

It’s been an amazingly productive year for me so far!  Nyalla’s short story, Liberation, released in January, followed by Amber’s novella, Cornucopia,  and short stories in two anthologies (Once Upon a Kiss and Vampires of the Caribbean). Northern Lights released on the 11th of April, and Gabe is coming your way in Far From Center on April 29th.

Angela is hard at work on the audio for Nothern Lights and I’m crossing my fingers that it will be wrapped up and available mid-May.

I’m heading off for a 3 day weekend writing retreat with fellow author Sarra Cannon (of the Shadow Demons Saga fame). I’ll be working on Unholy Pleasures, which is the next Amber novel, as well as playing around with some short novels that may or may not release later this summer.

If you read the novella (Juneau to Kenai) that came with the Northern Lights pre-orders and want more, those short novels will be about the Northern Wolves, and will carry on with the characters you’ve gotten to know in Northern Lights and Juneau to Kenai.

I know you’ve been missing Sam, but hang tight because Queen of the Damned will release in July. In the six to eight weeks, I’ll be getting the pre-order up for that one.

After a nearly 30 year career in corporate America, I am now a full-time writer.  Honestly, I’ve BEEN a full-time writer for four years, but juggling two demanding careers was proving to be impossible and something had to give.  Lucky for you all I chose writing! It was tough to leave not only a career that I’d devoted so much of my life to, but the company that I’ve worked at for the last 19 years. It’s scary, but I feel free to really organize my time around producing my books now.  And for that- I owe each of you a huge THANK YOU! I’d never be where I am but for my devoted, loyal readers.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who reached out to me with condolences on the loss of my mother last month. She was my biggest fan. I don’t know of anyone else who dragged paperback copies of my books to her Scrabble groups and craft clubs, and tried to interest the elderly ladies at church in my Imp Series. If you all knew my family, and especially my mom, you wouldn’t need to wonder where I get my whacked-out sense of humor. I’ll miss her terribly, and regret that I hadn’t been able to publish those cozy mysteries about the widow skip-tracer who starts seeing ghosts as a result of her cataract surgery. I’m sure they would have gone over better with the church and Scrabble crowd than my beloved foul-mouthed imp.

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Trust and Jump

Image of young businesswoman jumping over gap

I’m going to get all woo-woo for the new year, so here goes:

Being good at something does not obligate you to do it.

I worked full time while going to college at a computer store. This was back in the 80’s and you couldn’t one-click a MacBook on Amazon or stroll into Best Buy and come out with an HP laptop. Back then computers were sold in pieces that didn’t always play well with each other. “Portables” weighed over twenty pounds and didn’t run on batteries. You even had to buy the damned keyboard and operating system separately. People went to stores, sat down with a sales person to discuss their business needs and budget, plonked down 10k for a system with a text-only monitor and a 10mb hard drive. Then they waited two weeks for all the parts to come in and the tech dudes in the back room to assemble and install everything. It was fun selling computers. I liked meeting interesting people, helping them solve their problems, and making some money doing so. There was no hard close because people were there to buy, I was just telling them which pieces to choose. Continue reading

A Templar for the Holidays

Remember my fixation with Airstream campers? Yeah, well remind me never to go to a Home Goods again.img_2502

In other news, Exodus is now available in audio. If you’ve purchased the e-book from Amazon make sure to pick up the audio at a super reduced price. Otherwise, it’s on Audible.

Dead Rising is currently .99, so if you haven’t begun the Templar Series, this is a great time to get your toe in the water.  Amazon, iTunes, B&N, Kobo.

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A Modern Woman

I’m in first grade, and there’s a boy who follows me around, tries to sit next to me at reading time, tries to hold my hand. I ignore him. I scoot away and turn my back on him to talk to my friends. I hurry to the bus to get away from him.  I tell my mother of my frustration, and she thinks it’s cute that this boy has such a crush on me. She tells me to be kind and not hurt his feelings.

My mother who is smart, confident, capable, who wanted to go to college but couldn’t because her parents had limited funds and it was more important to send the two boys to college since they’d need to support families. College for women was an unnecessary extravagance. They’d never use that degree. They’d get married and be homemakers and stay-at-home-mothers. It was a waste of money for all but the wealthy. My mother who felt strongly about equal rights for women had inadvertently told me that this boy’s feelings were more important than mine – that I shouldn’t hurt his feelings, even if that meant I needed to suck it up and put up with his very unwanted attentions. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Toilets

This is me, only with boobs and a lot more profanity.

This is me, only with boobs and a lot more profanity.

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.  Sorry Dickens, there is no “best” in this story.  It’s just bad times, badder times, and worst times.

“The toilet’s clogged,” my 10 year old told me. He’d been using the master bathroom because my eldest was taking a shower in the other one.

“Did you poop?” I asked, because with three boys in my house nothing is TMI.

“No, I just peed.”

Huh. My toilet is one of those ‘can flush a small Hyundai’ toilets that seldom clogs. The one in the kid’s bathroom seems to clog on a daily basis. I’d always blamed it on having three boys, and made sure the plunger and a coat hanger were strategically placed nearby. But my toilet?

“I’ll plunge it once Nick is out of the shower,” I told him since we only have one plunger.

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