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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about various books in the Imp Series, and thought it might be fun to put together a sort of FAQ blog post.  If I don’t cover something you’ve been dying to ask, please put it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it without spoilers.

  • Why isn’t there more explicit sex in the Imp Books?  They seem pretty tame in this area compared with other urban/contemporary fantasy novels.

Don’t kill me, but in my first draft of the early books, there was FAR more sex, and the scenes were more explicit.  Elven Blood, in particular, had quite a few explicit scenes between Sam and Wyatt that were toned down and/or removed.  Sam is pretty crass, and between the violence and the huge amount of cursing she does, I felt explicit sex would just put the books over the top.


  • Will there be audio editions?  Editions in other languages?

Yes to audio! It does take me a while to coordinate with my narrator, so expect a delay of 3 months between ebook release and the audio.

A Demon Bound is now available in German and I do intend to have the rest of the series translated, although it’s slow going. I’m considering other translations in the future.

  • Will there be more than 6 books in the Imp Series?

I had originally intended there to only be six books.  That was the character development arc that I’d outlined when I came up with the series. I did manage to move some plot points around and now I’m thrilled that there will be 10 books in the Imp Series!

  • What’s with Gabriel’s POV in Imp Forsaken?  Why didn’t you write Gregory’s?

I struggled trying to decide whether to pull Gabriel’s story and put it out as a stand-alone novella.  His character is so different from Sam’s and the pacing and tone of his story was a stark contrast from hers.  I finally decided to include it in the book.  The story line mirrored what Sam was going through, and those synergies would be lost if it was a stand-alone book, plus the ending would have been somewhat confusing without knowing what was going on in Aaru while Sam was in Hel.

I like to keep Gregory a bit of a mystery, having readers see him through others and their own eyes.  There’s that short epilogue in A Demon Bound, but that’s all I’ll ever write from his point-of-view.  Sorry guys, you’ll just need to use your imagination!

  • Do I have to read the Imp World books?

No, although there is additional world-building in the books, and reading them will add to your enjoyment of Angel of Chaos when it comes out.  Lots of little “ah-hah!”  moments.  The Imp World books aren’t going to be the same as Sam’s in terms of tone, though – there’s only one Imp!  

No Man’s Land – There’s a dry, quirky humor in this dark fantasy, but not the crazy, flippant wit you get in Sam’s books.  There’s also slow build toward a F/F romance.  Kelly is not a light character at first.  She’s had a horrible life – both as a human and as a vampire, and needs to learn to trust others, have faith that not everyone’s motives are selfish, and put friendship and love before her very real fears of safety and security.

Stolen Souls – There are some truly laugh-out-loud funny parts to this book.  Nyalla doesn’t really understand the human world, so, like Sam, she makes lots of mistakes and hysterical observations.  Unlike Sam, she’s kind and trusting right off the bat. You’ll find this one very quirky, and those who love Sam are going to be wondering throughout the book how our Imp will react when she returns home and sees what her “house/dog sitter”  has done to her beloved earthly possessions.

Demons of Desire – Amber is a complicated character.  She’s half succubus, half elf, but there’s still a part of herself that she considers human.  That’s three people rattling around inside one body – and they all three want very different things.  She’ll never find her strength unless she can get them all to work together as one Amber.  Her books will be pretty steamy, and there is lots of sexual tension in this one.  Goodness, I think I might like Irix (her Incubus “tutor”) almost as much as Gregory.  Almost.

Angel of Chaos – Sam is back! The Ruling Council may be missing a few members, but they’re still holding her accountable for those missing 495 reports.  Gregory has his hands full with ongoing rebellion in Aaru; Sam has her hands full with the elf/human issues in Hel; and they both must deal with a long-standing earthly problem that’s coming to a head.  Lots of Sam causing chaos, Sam and Gregory, Sam and Wyatt, and more!

Three Wishes – Dar has been busting his long rat-tail helping Sam in Hel.  He needs a vacation of his own, and what better place than Chicago?  Fans of Sam will really love Three Wishes.  Dar is snarky and loves playing practical jokes – especially on the angel protecting the city.  Yes, there’s a romance in this one!


  • Will there be a books featuring Leethu?  Gabriel?  Rafael/Happy?

Yes, yes, and yes!  All in good time!

  • You always say Sam is just a imp but you never really explain where in the demon hierarchy a imp is. Also what is Dar?

Hierarchy in Hel is calculated on an individual basis, but certain demon types tend to cluster around the same level. Imps are in the lower third – above the Low and above the sex demons. Imps can pack a significant punch power-wise, but they like to keep it hidden so they’re underestimated and gain an advantage in a fight – so they tend to be ranked lower than they probably should be. It’s one of the reason’s Sam was so irritated to be stuck with the Iblis sword – kind of hard to fly under the radar with a big target like that on her back!

As for Dar – well, you’ll just have to wait for Three Wishes (his story), which comes out late, fall to see!

Got more questions for the FAQ?  Ask away!

19 thoughts on “Imp Series Faqs

  1. I am really curious about Samael, he has been mentioned several times throughout the novel but not much is known about him. I have a feeling that his death or disappearance will be revealed in the ninth or tenth book. So I am hoping that after the series finish, you will write a short story about some pranks that Samael had done while they were still young.

    I have also been wondering about the choirs. The fifth choir being Sam’s choir is understandable considering Samael is the chief angel of the fifth heaven. What about the others?

  2. I have been reading the Imp series. Love the story line but am frustrated by the number of errors in each book. Do you have an editor and/or a proof reader? If not, you need one urgently. If so, they are not doing their job very well. For example, there were 37 errors in Elven Blood. Would be happy to send you a list of the errors from Bk 3 to Bk 5. If you are interested in fixing these errors, I would be happy to keep taking note of the errors to send to you.

    • The entire series was professionally edited, but I’ve realized that having one editor/round of copy edits just doesn’t cut it. This past month I’ve paid for a second edit on the whole series, and plan on putting out a newly edited version later this month.

  3. I’m about halfway through book five right now and just loving the series as a whole. Gabriel was getting on my nerves at the start but I’ve warmed up to him a bit now.
    I will say that I’m lad you kept it light on the sex front. I like my UF’s to focus on character development, relationship development (romantic/platonic). I find that explicit sex scenes tend to pull away from the rest of it. If I want to read that, I’d pick up a paranormal romance book lol. I love the way you do the lead up and then fade off page scenes, lets you know that yes, the characters are getting intimate but not taking up precious story/plot time.
    Keep up the wonderful work, I’m so looking forward to reading the rest of the series to date!

  4. Ohh! I’d love a short story for Terrelle too!! <33 Honestly, I love your books so much, all of them are so original creative with the humor in my opinion! The Imp World series is probably one of the funniest (yet still managing to be amazingly suspensful) books I've read, ever. Thank you for your time and dedication to make these books! I really love buying your books, and I can't wait for more!!

  5. Love the series! My wife and I are listening to it again from the start to best appreciate Kingdom of Lies. There are a few issues I hope are addressed there, or we get more information about . I hope Sam get’s a handle on the devouring ability. When she ate part of a mountain, then recreated it perfectly, that was awesome and I hope to see more done with that. Also, is there anyone higher in the angel hierarchy, like God? They are trying to “approach divinity” with their vibrations, but is there a divinity they want to approach, or is this just a theoretical thing?

  6. Hello,
    I love the Imp series. I have recommended it to some of my friends and they completely love it as well. We pretty much finished the whole series up to now in about a week!. One of my friends though, couldn’t find the book in Spanish so I translate it for her. Are the books coming out in Spanish any time soon?
    Thanks for this awesome series!!!

  7. One thing occurred to me while re-reading your FAQ. I have to admit that I am really quite grateful that the books aren’t heavily bogged down with sex. Some of my favorite urban fantasies have virtually no sex or only a passing mention that it occurred. I have read/listened to far too many books that would have been exceptional if not for the compulsion to stuff as much sex as possible between the covers. In your books, sex is an event within a plot line that actually makes sense… and not the focus around which a plot line is built like some cheesy third rate porno.

  8. hi i really love all the imp book on audiobook and big thump on all of them will Angel of Chaos come out on audio book

  9. I (for one) hope to see a few loose ends tied up in the imp series. I suspect you could write a separate spin-off for Uriel … and have no doubt already considered it… but with the demons of Hel virtually ignoring her, the Elves trying to edge around her, the humans in dire need of more hospitable land, a multitude of political enemies in Auru (not to mention those who attack her all but openly), and her strange responsibilities to the human race and their credit scores….. not to mention the need to document the Taco-Bell Burrito Scale… :p… I should think there are endless stories that can be produced about her specifically. On the other hand, it seems like more of dozens of short stories instead of one long book. Patricia Briggs did that… and it worked out pretty handily.

  10. Hi! I love this series! I was on Goodreads & a new friend from the site introduced me to this series because of my name. I’m so glad she did. I have not have this much fun since I listening to Darynda Jones books series of grim reaper (Charley Davidson). I usually listen to audio books but I couldn’t wait for all of them to come out in that format. So I brought the rest of the series from Amazon on my Kindle. I’m counting down for
    ‘Angel of Chaos” (Imp Book 6) to come out in October 2014. But in the meantime, I saw you have other books in the series from the Imp world.

    What is order I should read them?
    Are you planning to have all your short story from this series collected to one book for audio book when you finish the series?

    I hope so because I’m still planning to buy you books from Audible when you make them available. I have the first 3 books on audio books and can’t wait to hear the rest. You are now on my list of favorite Authors. Thank you so much for writing this series.

    • Thanks for reading/listening!
      I do plan to have the other books on audio, but this year will only see books 1-5 (hopefully all 5!) released on Audible.
      The best reading order would be:
      A Demon Bound
      Satan’s Sword
      Imp (Novella)
      Elven Blood
      Devil’s Paw
      Imp Forsaken
      No Man’s Land
      Stolen Souls
      Demons of Desire (Halfbreed Series book 1 w/ Amber)
      Angel of Chaos
      It’s not completely necessary to read the spin-offs, but there are some other character insights in them that will make Angel of Chaos even more fun.
      Enjoy! And don’t forget to go to the Debra’s Demons tab on the website and join up. You’ll get an imp kit and snippets/excerpts that I don’t release to the general public.

  11. Just out of curiosity – was No Man’s Land intended to be a one off side story or will there be a followup to continue Jaq and Kelly’s story?

    • Jaq and Kelly will be called upon to assist Monica in a future novel, so there will be one more dedicated novel for them. They’ll also make an appearance in Angel of Chaos.
      Thanks for reading!

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