Lots coming your way!

I’ll start off with Cornucopia which released this month.

Amber has made a deal with the devil.
To protect her incubus boyfriend, Irix, from the angels, Amber has agreed to journey to Hel and assist the humans there with their failing agricultural program. It’s a project the botany major and half-elf/half-succubus would normally love, but the elves are stickers for genetic purity and consider her an abomination. Once in Hel, Amber must avoid the elves who would killer her, steer clear of demons who would love to add her to their collections, and somehow manage to create a Garden of Eden out of an arid desert. Human lives depend on her skills, and Irix’s continued freedom depends on her honoring her contract with Satan

It’s a novella, but I’ve numbered it 3 in the series, because things happen in this book that will come into Unholy Pleasures (book 4), so don’t miss it! You can pick this one up at:

There are a few short stories I’ll be announcing soon – Liberation, which is the tale of Nyalla and Little Red rescuing the kidnapped elves, RumpleIMPskin, a Sam and Gregory short story in the anthology Once Upon a Kiss, and Ship of the Dead, a story about pre-vampire Dario back in Haiti in the anthology Vampires of the Caribbean.

But the big news is Raphael’s book, Northern Lights, which is up for pre-order now and releases April 11, 2017.

Raphael is an Angel of Order. . . sort of. His affinity for chaos makes him the perfect choice to investigate the trespass in Alaska of supernatural creatures not seen in eons. But the locals in Juneau have been keeping a secret for thousands of years –the disgraceful offspring of an angel and a demon. Raphael should execute her on the spot, or at the very least throw her into Hel with the rest of her kind, but Raphael has never been one to follow the rules.
Ahia has lived for thousands of years with the Alaskan natives and werewolves, told that she’s a Nephilim and must stay hidden lest the angels find and kill her. But when interdimensional rifts begin opening up throughout Alaska, swallowing humans and spitting out dangerous monsters, the angels are the only beings who can help.
Of course the angel they send is smoking hot, and demands she assist him in closing the rifts. Far from the stern, enforcer of rules, this angel is fun and flirty, tempting Ahia to drag this project out far longer than she should.
But when one of the rifts takes the local Alpha as well as a group of humans, the situation becomes urgent. Ahia will need to risk everything – her life, her heart, and all she’s believed true to bring them home, because whatever the angels might call her, she won’t abandon those who trust her to keep them safe.

PREORDER THIS BOOK! Everyone who preorders will get an unpublished novella (a paranormal romance) that is a side tale to Northern Lights. No preorder, no free novella. So come on, what have you got to lose? Click one of the below links and do it!


And if that wasn’t enough, Famine’s Feast (The Templar Book 4) is now in production for audio. That should be out in the next 4-5 weeks!

Trust and Jump

Image of young businesswoman jumping over gap

I’m going to get all woo-woo for the new year, so here goes:

Being good at something does not obligate you to do it.

I worked full time while going to college at a computer store. This was back in the 80’s and you couldn’t one-click a MacBook on Amazon or stroll into Best Buy and come out with an HP laptop. Back then computers were sold in pieces that didn’t always play well with each other. “Portables” weighed over twenty pounds and didn’t run on batteries. You even had to buy the damned keyboard and operating system separately. People went to stores, sat down with a sales person to discuss their business needs and budget, plonked down 10k for a system with a text-only monitor and a 10mb hard drive. Then they waited two weeks for all the parts to come in and the tech dudes in the back room to assemble and install everything. It was fun selling computers. I liked meeting interesting people, helping them solve their problems, and making some money doing so. There was no hard close because people were there to buy, I was just telling them which pieces to choose. Continue reading

A Templar for the Holidays

Remember my fixation with Airstream campers? Yeah, well remind me never to go to a Home Goods again.img_2502

In other news, Exodus is now available in audio. If you’ve purchased the e-book from Amazon make sure to pick up the audio at a super reduced price. Otherwise, it’s on Audible.

Dead Rising is currently .99, so if you haven’t begun the Templar Series, this is a great time to get your toe in the water.  Amazon, iTunes, B&N, Kobo.

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A Modern Woman

I’m in first grade, and there’s a boy who follows me around, tries to sit next to me at reading time, tries to hold my hand. I ignore him. I scoot away and turn my back on him to talk to my friends. I hurry to the bus to get away from him.  I tell my mother of my frustration, and she thinks it’s cute that this boy has such a crush on me. She tells me to be kind and not hurt his feelings.

My mother who is smart, confident, capable, who wanted to go to college but couldn’t because her parents had limited funds and it was more important to send the two boys to college since they’d need to support families. College for women was an unnecessary extravagance. They’d never use that degree. They’d get married and be homemakers and stay-at-home-mothers. It was a waste of money for all but the wealthy. My mother who felt strongly about equal rights for women had inadvertently told me that this boy’s feelings were more important than mine – that I shouldn’t hurt his feelings, even if that meant I needed to suck it up and put up with his very unwanted attentions. Continue reading