Spam and Twitter Marketing

Thank you Back-Pain-Relief-Person for the lovely comments about my blog.  I know you didn’t read my blog, and have cleverly commented in a generic, yet faintly personal, way in an effort to get me to post your link pimping your product.  With fans like you, the NYT bestsellers list can’t be far in my future.  It used to be I had to look out for oppressed Nigerian princes looking for a place to stash their millions, free V!@gra to enhance my nether regions, or super low mortgage rates.  Now I need to read between the lines of seemingly legitimate blog comments. 

What about people on Twitter who pimp their products?   Should we be reminded of their product every ten minutes?  Every hour?  Once a day?  The problem with Twitter is it’s a snapshot in time.  Let’s say a person has five thousand followers.  They are not all on Twitter at the same time, and most are not on all day long.  Even if they are, a bathroom break, a quick cup of coffee, a blink, and 200 tweets have passed them by.  Tweets can be targeted for peak hours, but everyone else has that same great idea.  Again, someone blinks, and they’ve missed a huge volume of tweets.   Another wrinkle is that followers have different numbers of people they themselves are following.  A person following a hundred people is going to get mighty annoyed with that “check out my xxx

4 thoughts on “Spam and Twitter Marketing

  1. Brilliant!

    You don’t know how many people’s blog I like, but have stopped following , because I’m sick of seeing them hawking it every hour. Yes, I know it’s a good article, I just read it last week.

    And no, the hard sell isnt an 80’s thing. Which is why I hate registering with any new website, as i know I’ll be spammed for the rest of my life, no many how many boxes I tick.

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