The Cabin in the Woods (Movie Review)

The Cabin in the Woods – Director Drew Goddard

In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that as much as I love a Joss Whedon film, I’d pay an outrageous price and tolerate excruciatingly poor cinema just to stare at Chris Hemsworth for an hour and forty five minutes.  Not joking.  His smile could persuade the angels to sin.  I’m happy to report though that the parts of the movie without Chris Hemsworth’s adorable grin were just as good.

The Cabin in the Woods is a fun, campy cross between a horror satire and a genre slasher film.  The young virile adults head out for a weekend of fun in the woods and are confronted along the way by every stereotypical horror film element Whedon and Goddard can throw at them.  The inbred creep who warns them to stay away, disturbing paintings and choices of interior decoration, objects that trigger the rise of monsters in the night.  All the while, the kids are watched and manipulated by a building full of pencil necks who take bets on whether the kids will pick door number one or door number three.

Even the characters follow the standard template.  We have “the whore

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