Late May Erotica Review

I’ve got four erotica selections this time, and three are selected from my Twitter followers.  There’s some really great writing going on out there and it’s not all from the big name publishing houses.  Hopefully I can turn you on to new talent, and convince you to take a chance on some great authors.

I want to note that one of the erotica selections I purchased off Smashwords and one from Cobblestone Press.  These sites allow you to pay via secure transaction or Paypal, and download the purchase in a nice variety of formats, including Kindle.   Smashwords has an ‘adult filter’ on their site, so you may need to turn the filter off in the upper right corner of the webpage.  I know it’s an extra step, but it’s totally worth it.  There’s some great stuff at both places that you’ll want to get your grubby little paws on!

Play Me – by Jennifer Probst

I’ve got a girlfriend trip to Atlantic City coming up, and I thought Play Me would fuel some lovely fantasies to console me when I’m losing at Caribbean Stud.  (Play Me is the second erotic novel in the 1 Night Stand series.)  Roman Steele is a dealer in Vegas, recently relocated from Atlantic City and he’s a bit perturbed that his brother has set him up for an evening of fun through the dating service 1 Night Stand.  Not perturbed enough though to say no.  Sloane Keller is a big name on the professional poker circuit, but being a successful gambler hasn’t allowed her much time to date, let alone take care of other needs.  She’s hoping for an evening of stress-relieving sex before her big tournament.  Both are tired of the groupies that come with being a professional in Vegas.  Little do they realize how compatible they really are, in and out of the bedroom.   This was a fun read with likable characters and well written, sizzling sex scenes.  Light bondage and creative ice cube usage really got my pulse racing.  Four stars.

Gemma’s Story – Sex With Strangers – by Shadir Keene

Gemma and her husband have Lost That Lovin Feeling.  To put the fire back into their nonexistent sex life, Gemma cooks up a plan to bring another couple into their lives.  I so wanted to like this story.  A mid-life couple, empty nesters, re-kindling desire through experimentation into the swinger lifestyle.  It just didn’t do it for me though.  Although Gemma is introduced as someone who had a robust sex life in her youth, the leap from car blowjobs with her boyfriend at twenty, to a sex party with strangers at forty five was too far a stretch.  In the encounters with Maggie and her husband Lance, Gemma is very anxious and wondering what she’s gotten herself into.  While that is a believable emotion for Gemma to have, it doesn’t make for good erotica.  She doesn’t really seem to relax and enjoy it all until the very end.  The sex scene descriptions lack passion, which adds to the whole awkward atmosphere.  Two stars.

An Education – by Klayton Frost

In this short story, a woman witnesses corporeal punishment at the elite boarding-school-style university she attends, and finds the experience an erotic one.   There is good build up to the caning, and the incident itself was told in imagery that was vivid without being sensationalistic.  I’m not one to find punishment at this level sexually stimulating, but this story is so incredibly well written that I found myself understanding the woman’s excitement and attraction to the act. I will admit that I was intrigued.  I will definitely be reading other work by this author.  Four stars.

Wave Rider – by Cora Zane

Sunny is on vacation with her friend in tropical Bonaire when she catches sight of gorgeous surfer, Paulo, rising from the waves in the dawn light.  Her holiday takes a sensuous turn when she meets his best friend, Matteo, and she enjoys an amazing night of threesome love with the two Venezuelan men.  The beautiful descriptions of the island really set the tone, and supported the atmosphere of indulgent, languorous passion.  The whole effect was magical.  I especially liked how the book ended, without any awkwardly contrived, “happily ever after

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