Longing for Our Half-Succubus?

Demons of Desire CYMK Final Cover smallWell, wait no more!

If you’re the sort who sneaks a peak at their Christmas presents, then painstakingly re-wraps them, you will be psyched to know that Demons of Desire is available for pre-order on iTunes Bookstore.

No more checking and double checking the website to see if it’s been loaded yet.  Click the good ole pre-order button, and you’ll see it first thing July 21st.

Give Amber some pre-order love, and I’ll reward your devotion by putting Angel of Chaos up for iTunes pre-order too.  I may even do an early cover release.

Amber will repay you for your loyalty, and oh what a night that will be!


2 thoughts on “Longing for Our Half-Succubus?

  1. Why isn’t it available on Amazon??? I have the entire series in my Kindle, and it’s no fun to have to switch to a different app when my entire book collection is in Kindle. And I know from practical experience that I never re-read non-kindle books, it’s too inconvenient. Oh, please resolve this issue. Amazon is too big to ignore!

    • Hi Tamara,
      It will be available on Amazon and the other retailers on July 21st (release day). The only difference is that Apple has allowed me to offer pre-order sales, where Amazon does not.
      I’d love, love, love for Amazon to let me to do pre-orders. Right now, they only allow the very largest of the indie published books to do so, and books from publishing companies.
      Thanks for reading!

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