Krampus is Coming to Town

Sam and Gregory are off on a romantic holiday getaway, but Krampus isn’t a big fan of kissing under the mistletoe. Is Sam on the Naughty List? You know she is!

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The Naughty List

Please note that this short story is also featured in the anthology A Very Paranormal Holiday released in 2014, but is not offered for sale outside of the anthology.

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Hoping you all have an angel by your side this holiday season, and that Krampus isn’t the one filling your stocking.  – Debra

4 thoughts on “Krampus is Coming to Town

  1. Hello, I’m getting an ‘error, invalid giveaway’ when I try to use the link above.

    Please let me know if the story is no longer available for free.

    Thank you!

  2. I’ve just started to read the demon bound series and although I’m only on book 3, I’ve read reviews for the 6th book that have brought up some questions.
    According to the reviews I read there’s some confusion about certain parts of the book as there were references to relationships, plot and characters that weren’t covered in the series.
    My question is whether or not there are novellas or some supplemental stories aside from the books in the series that I need to read before I read book 6?
    Several other fans were confused and I am hoping that there’s a simple solution?
    Thanks for your time and help!!!

    • The spin-off books aren’t completely must-read, but there are some nuances that will be missed if you haven’t read them 🙂 Before book 6, I’d recommend you read No Man’s Land, which sheds light onto the vampire situation from Book 2 (Satan’s Sword) and gives valuable insight into the werewolves. Also helpful is Stolen Souls, which lets you know what Nyalla was up to when Sam was in Hel.
      The Amber book (Demons of Desire – Half-breed Series I) gets a few mentions in Book 6.
      I know a lot of people only want to read the main series, but there are little tidbits of information in the spin-off books that I think add to a reader’s enjoyment of the series. Hope that helps!

      Also – if you move on to Book 7, Kingdom of Lies, it would be helpful to read Three Wishes (Dar’s book) first. The second Amber book (Sins of the Flesh) has a few mentions too.

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