Dog Days of Early-August

Bones 2

Bones, Hellhound #1

When it’s 95 degrees out, I lose all motivation to do anything with my personal appearance.  Why fuss with make-up when it just melts off your face? Hair? Cute clothing? It’s all sweaty and plastered to me anyway.  Why even bother to shower when ten minutes later I’m just as nasty as before? Yes, I have air conditioning, but I DO need to walk the dogs and run the kids here-and-there, and maybe get to and from my car whilst grocery shopping. Plus I’m an outdoors kinda gal.  I like to write on the back patio. But not when it’s a freakin million degrees. Luckily the hounds don’t care if I look like a total disaster.  As long as I pet them and put kibble in the bowl, it’s all good.


Okay. Pity party over.  Exodus releases on Monday. I’m in the middle of revisions on my sci-fi novel. I’m reviewing audio files for Dead Rising. And then there’s THIS.  A giveaway for a Kindle and 30 Fantasy e-books including Dead Rising!  You’ll want to throw your hat in the ring for this one.

And in the spirit of freebies, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this incredible box set – Urban Mythic.  Thirteen full length novels! Free! A Demon Bound is in there along with some other great reading. Just click on the picture and one click that puppy!

Also free right now is this anthology of sci-fi short stories.  Two Souls (Twenty Sectors Series I) will release this fall and there’s a prequel short in here as well as lots of other prequels to get you ready to grab your pulse pistol and head for the stars. The picture leads you to it!

Not enough free?  Make sure you’re signed up for Debra’s Demons or my New Release List because there will be a Nyalla short story this fall that you all will get for free.  Freeeeee!  See?  I think the heat has affected my brain!


4 thoughts on “Dog Days of Early-August

  1. *cough* *cough* One second…. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! *squeak* *squee* Yay! Reading Exodus now. When can I listen to the audiobook? The voices in my head are different for both. *twitch* *withdrawl* *cough* Thanks for another book 😀

  2. Interesting that the 30 give-away deal is defined as “cleanish”. I imagine that’s a subjective line and difficult to navigate for any author.

    Generally speaking, I think you navigate it well in some stories, not so well in others. In “A Demon Bound” I thought the sexual tensions were handled very well and complimented the story arc. But, in “Dead Rising” and “Demons of Desire” I thought they intruded on the story.

    Now, this is just one guy’s opinion and one that does not write for a living so please take all this with a grain of salt . Criticism aside, I do enjoy your work enough to keep purchasing it.

    Soon the temperatures will cool and your back deck will be inviting once again.

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