Two Souls Pre-order Special

The first in my sci-fi series (published under DL Dunbar) is now available for pre-order on Kobo and Amazon.  I’ll have it up on Apple as soon as I can figure out how to work my new Mac.  In the meantime, click the image below for Amazon, or here for Kobo.

Oh, and it’s 0.99.  Yeah, that’s right. I’ve put it on a super-special price just for the pre-order period.  Once the book releases on October 18th, it will go up to $3.99.

Now for the disclaimer: It’s not Urban Fantasy, it’s Space Opera sci-fi. The hero(s) are not Sam. Beta readers so far are loving it, but this book is not “Sam in Space” (although I may have to write that some day). If you love character-driven sci-fi with lots of twisty turns and pew-pew action, then you’ll love it. Just don’t expect your favorite Imp to make a cameo in this series.

In other news, A Suburban Summoning is up on Amazon for 0.99 and the other retailers should have it live any moment now. This is the short story formerly known as Full Moon Mischief from last year’s Nightshade anthology.  You can click and buy, OR you can make sure you’re signed up for either Debra’s Demons, or subscribe to my newsletter/new release alerts. If you do that, expect a newsletter in the next day or so with your link to download this short story FREE!

I’m still working on several projects right now, but it looks like the next release is going to be Famine’s Feast (The Templar IV). I’ll know better when the draft is completed, but I’m guessing it’s going to be out the first few weeks in December.

img_2377With such a busy week, I decided to take some time yesterday for myself and go browse antique shops downtown.  I’m amazed at the amount of mid-20th century china, silverware, and knick-knacks.There was some pretty cool stuff, but this is what I picked up:

It’s a Pyrex fridge container, and I love it. I can’t wait to stick some leftovers in it to re-heat the following day. Yes, that’s the kind of stuff that thrills me lately – leftovers, in vintage Pyrex containers.

8 thoughts on “Two Souls Pre-order Special

  1. I read and loved Two Souls. The book was terrific! I thought I read somewhere the second book in the series was available but I can’t find it anywhere. Can you tell me where I can buy a copy?

  2. Will the 20 Sectors novels be on audible at some point? I am enjoying the Imp Series and looking forward at starting the Templar this month.

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