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While you were busy wrapping gifts and doing that last second shopping, book 4 of The Templar series released. It’s one of my favorite of the series to date. I know you’re going to love it.


Coming January 10, 2017!

Amber has made a deal with the devil.
To protect her incubus boyfriend, Irix, from the angels Amber has agreed to journey to Hel and assist the humans there with their failing agricultural program. It’s a project the botany major and half-elf/half-succubus would normally love, but the elves are sticklers for genetic purity and consider her an abomination. Once in Hel, Amber must avoid the elves who would kill her, steer clear of demons who would love to add her to their collection, and somehow manage to create a Garden of Eden out of an arid desert. Human lives depend on her skills, and Irix’s continued freedom depends on her honoring her contract with Satan.

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9 thoughts on “New and Upcoming Releases

  1. Hi Debra!!! I was wondering if there was an approximate timeframe for the next templar and imp book. I am having Dario/Aria and Sam/Gregory withdrawals!!! Thanks a bunch and thank you for bringing to life these amazing worlds and characters. You always keep me intrigued from beginning to end, and throw in some laughs too. I tried one of your books on a whim, and I am so glad I did. I am getting ready to setup a bookclub, and I will make sure you are an author we follow. Thanks again for sharing your imagination with us.

    • I should have a formal announcement for Imp 10 in a few weeks – right now it’s looking to be early July.
      I was going to release one or two Templar books this year, but that might be pushed back into next year, but with books 5, 6, 7, and 8 all coming back to back within 6-8 weeks of each other. I’m working on a really cool series right now that will come out this fall—again with a rapid release schedule, so make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter to get the details!

      • Great, thanks for the quick response! I am looking forward to reading both series, as they come. I really am looking forward to them. Thanks again!

  2. Was A Good Read good to see more of Dario. I would love to see Aria and Dario visit her parents house again now that they have taken the plunge

  3. I love it! finished the book and live it! a great christmas present to myself 🙂 is there more to come? I can’t wait … happy new year!

  4. It was the best Christmas present. I snagged it and couldn’t put it down. Thank you for such a wonderful story. Hope you had some holiday funtime, though.

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