A Public Service Announcement

Far From Center is temporarily exclusive to Amazon for a three-month run starting today, so if you didn’t grab it from the other retailers, it will be back there in late August.

In other news, water is wet, and the moon is not made of green cheese. And we will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..

4 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Finished it! Now I’m resigned to stomping my foot and chanting ‘We want Imp IX, we want Imp IX’ until I’m blue in the face. Is there a release date looming on the horizon? I’m dying over here! *Waves chicken wand threateningly in the air, towards your general direction.*

    • I won’t set a firm release date until the first draft is done and I’ve confirmed turnaround times with my editor. Once I’ve done that, I’ll announce it and get you all a preorder link!

  2. Aw no!!!
    I know three months isn’t a long time…but right now it feels like an eternity!
    I’ve been waiting for Northern Lights to become unexclusive to buy both on iBooks. Drat.
    P.S I am a huge fan! As evidenced by my recent tantrum (see above)

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