Imp 10 News and More!

Time to give everyone an update of where things stand in my writing world.

  1. Queen of the Damned should be out on audio ANY DAY NOW! It’s done and has been in Audible’s quality queue since the end of the month. It normally takes them a few weeks to review, so at the latest you should be listening to it next week some time.
  2. The final Imp Series novel, The Morning Star, is on track to go to edit at the end of May and I’m planning a late June release. Because I want to get it to you as soon as possible, I won’t be doing a preorder on this one.
    For those of you who are lamenting the end of the Imp Series, please know that Sam isn’t going anywhere. She’ll have cameos in future Imp World series as well as the occasional short story or novella.  After The Morning Star releases I’ll be turning my attention to a few new things, as well as returning focus to my Templar Series, but all your Impish characters will return next year in a new series. I may even do a holiday Sam short to tide you over.
  3. I’ve got an amazing project I’m working on with J.P. Sloan that’s got Moonshine, Mobsters, and Magic Users.  The White Lightning Series will kick off on September 18th with book 1—Wooden Nickels— and will continue with a monthly release schedule through the new year. Expect 6 books in this series, and possibly more as well as a spin-off series if things work out. For more information, check out the White Lightning page on my website.
  4. I’ll be participating in a shared-theme project called Love Spells! These are laugh-out-loud paranormal romances, and I think you’re going to like these fun books! My contributions will be releasing early next year, so stay turned for covers and more information.
  5. FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDITIONS – I know those of you who bought the German edition of A Demon Bound have been (im)patiently waiting for the rest of the series to be translated. I’m happy to announce that I have contracted with someone and hope to have Satan’s Sword completed and available in German around the end of the year. If that novel goes well, the rest of the series should follow in fairly quick succession. These translated editions will be exclusive to Amazon.
    I’m also in talks with someone to translate the series into Italian. If that happens, those novels should be out starting late this year. I’ll update everyone as soon as I have more information!

5 thoughts on “Imp 10 News and More!

  1. Why did you have to make Samael SO SO SEXY. (I’m SO SO HAPPY YOU DID)
    He needs his Iblis sword back. Look forward to his story.
    Follower for LIFE.

  2. Thank you for making my boring drive to work fun. You are the reason I have an Audible account.
    I look forward to purchasing all your new books.

  3. I am a practicing Catholic who prays the Chaplet of St Michael daily and finds your books so funny. I have enjoyed them to distraction with the occasional lost night of sleep. I cannot explain the storyline to friends without getting odd looks but the story makes me laugh out loud so they will continue to wonder. C
    Thank you, I have really enjoyed the stories.

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