Imp for the Holidays, and More White Lightning

Two back-to-back releases this week! 
First, Sam is back with a fun Christmas novella that Imp Series fans will love.

Roped into being the Ruling Council’s Christmas Ambassador, Sam finds herself more Santa than Satan at a slew of human social events, all while trying to score an impossible-to-get gift for Lux and plan the most amazing Christmas celebration any imp has ever thrown.


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White Lightning Book 3 is now available!  Grab it ASAP! And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it will be available through that program on November 21st – just in time for Thanksgiving. NOTE – CLIP JOINT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ONLY AND IN THE KINDLE UNLIMITED PROGRAM

Failure can get a mobster a bullet to the head…or worse.

Fearing he’ll be sent for torture and “re-education” at the notorious Ithaca facility, Vincent pulls out all the stops only to have a mysterious fire up in Pennsylvania burn his hopes of redemption to the ground.

Hattie has one more reason to hate the mob. With Vincent sent away, Hattie worries he’ll not return the same man he was when he left—or not return at all. Helping him will take more than a clever illusion. She’ll need to learn all she can about the mysterious bond she has with the time pincher to help free him before the monsters at Ithaca can break him body and spirit.


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I’m psyched to announce that White Lightning Book 4 will be releasing at the end of December. There will be no preorder on this one because retailer schedules can get a bit wonky around the holidays and I want to make sure there aren’t any drunken eggnog issues. I’ll announce as soon as it’s available, but in the meantime enjoy a glimpse of the cover.

2 thoughts on “Imp for the Holidays, and More White Lightning

  1. Please tell me that The Morning Star audiobook will be available soon…like, today?? I listened to every other Imp novel available, but have been going through withdrawals since Queen of the Damned. I need some Sam to stop the shakes!

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