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Hellhounds and squirrels and vultures, oh my!

The hellhound on her lawn is just another stray animal in need of some love—at least that’s what animal-whisperer witch Adrienne Perkins believes. She’s got a soft heart for lost souls like her vulture familiar, the four squirrels living in her house, that stray hellhound…and the sexy demon who’s been invading her nightly dreams.

But that sexy demon wants more than a romp in the sheets. He’s hunting an escapee from hell, and insists his fugitive is one of Addy’s squirrels. The cute little guy may have sold his soul to the devil a lifetime ago, but Addy isn’t about to give up a furry friend who has turned to her for protection—even if it might cost her the demon of her dreams.

Get Fiends and Familiars here.


    • Gwenwyn

    • 5 months ago

    This isn’t about this series, but it’s your most recent post. Don’t worry I have everything of yours, book and audiobook, this isn’t just a random comment.

    The beaks, the crunchy roasted ones? can we have a recipe? not to make but to wave at bastard bronze age loving fuckwits who extol lark’s tongues. *cough* I mean a nice fictional recipe I can inject into conversation to derail those Ahhiyawa loving scum. *cough*


    Plus, can you include honey in it, for the time I’m dared to make it? I like honey.

    1. LOL – I’ll put something in today’s blog post.

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