Imp Series/Imp World

Imp Series

Imp – A Prequel Novella
A Demon Bound (Imp Series I)
Satan’s Sword (Imp Series II)
Elven Blood (Imp Series III)
Devil’s Paw (Imp Series IV)
Imp Forsaken (Imp Series V)
Angel of Chaos (Imp Series VI)
Kingdom of Lies (Imp Series VII)
Exodus (Imp Series VIII)
Queen of the Damned (Imp Series IX)
The Morning Star (Imp Series X)
Short Stories:
A Suburban Summoning
The Naughty List
Down The Chimney

Half-Breed Series
Demons of Desire (Half-Breed Series I)
Sins of the Flesh (Half-Breed Series II)
Cornucopia (Half-Breed Novella Series III)
Unholy Pleasures (Half-Breed Series IV)
City of Lust (Half-Breed Series V) Coming 2017

Imp World
No Man’s Land
Stolen Souls
Three Wishes
Far From Center
Northern Lights
Short Stories:
Ten Lows A-Leaping

Northern Wolves
Juneau to Kenai (Novella)
Snow Fae
Bad Seed

67 thoughts on “Imp Series/Imp World

  1. Been waiting since book 9 to read what happens next. Read in the other comments that all books are now exclusive to Amazon? Is this terrible news true?

    All my other purchases reside in Google Books; hence the question occurs to me does this ‘exclusivity’ cease? I guess I have waited this long, I can wait longer since I am not going to split my ebook collection across multiple apps – especially to Amazon (shiver).

    If here is where we part ways, I did enjoy the adventures of the Imp and her wayward angel. Maybe I can just imagine a new ending. Something original like Samael moves to Los Angeles and becomes a consultant to a police detective. That’s never been done before has it?


    • Thank you for being a loyal reader. Yes, at this time all e-books are exclusive to Amazon, although paperbacks and audio books are available in wide distribution. It was a difficult business decision to make, but I wanted my e-books available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and at this time Amazon will only allow that with an exclusive arrangement for that format. I will definitely announce on my website as well as social media if this changes in the future.

  2. Hi Debra! I just finished the fifth book Imp Forsaken and I went to read the next one but all of your books have disappeared from the Kobo app for some reason. I went to a bookshop today and they said that the books are being self-published and are really expensive (~$30 AUD) to purchase and this is both e-book and paperback. I really want to keep reading the series but I can’t afford to buy them all. Is there a reason they are very expensive? Maybe it is just the exchange rate. Hoping you can clear up the confusion.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Alexandra, this is Debra’s VA, Erin. 🙂 Her ebooks are all exclusive to Amazon right now. Paperbacks and audiobooks are available with wide distribution. As for the price, she is wondering if that’s for the paperback?

  3. Hello Debra. I read ” With this Ring”. Awesome book. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for carrying on with the Imp series. I was heart broken thinking that you weren’t going to continue with the series. This is a real gift to your readers. Thank you. I also wanted to ask you about Samael. Can he get a book for himself? I would love to see Samael entangled with a young angel of order that could make his life more complicated. He is too full of himself. It would be awesome if in the future you could write a book about him as you did with the other archangels. Will Terrelle get a loving angel of order as well? I would love to see that.

  4. Hallo, eine Frage zur Kobold Serie: Habe soeben das erste Buch der Reihe gelesen (Ein Dämon an einen Engel gebunden), dass der totale Hammer ist. Mega witzig! Hat mir richtig gut gefallen! Jetzt würde ich allerdings gerne noch die nächsten Bücher lesen, welche allerdings nicht in Deutsch erhältlich sind. Laut Amazon Kommentaren würden andere, die das Buch gelesen haben schon 4 Jahre warten, dass das nächste Buch übersetzt wird.
    Werden die anderen Bücher noch ins Deutsche übersetzt oder ist das Übersetzen nach Ein Dämon an einen Engel gebunden eingestellt worde ?

  5. Hi Debra. I’m a longtime scifi author who has greatly enjoyed reading the first six books of your Imp demon series. Posted a five star review for A Demon Bound. My recent urban fantasy novel KILLER GEEZER includes an acknowledgement to you for your inspiration. It’s on the copyright page of both the kindle and paperback versions. I’m also a member of SFWA, the pro org for scifi and fantasy authors. Looking forward to reading in some of your other series once I am done writing the sequel to my Amazon bestseller GEEZER. Best wishes, Tom.

  6. When will the next book in any imp series with Sam or related characters be out. Above it says coming in 2017 for a few but I have already read those.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Debra! I love the series I was wondering when will Morning Star be on Audible? Oh and which book after Three Wishes has more details on Asta and Dar? Thank you so much for the amazing books!!!

    • Thank you – I’m glad you’re enjoying them! We’re in production for the audio edition of The Morning Star now—I’ll announce here and on Facebook and via my newsletter when it’s available.
      Dar and Asta’s only book right now is Three Wishes, but they’ll be appearing more in a spin-off series set in Chicago that is due to release late next year.

  8. Hi Debra. I finished reading The Morning Star. It is absolutely fabulous. I loved it. Please keep writing about the imp universe. Please, please I beg you. It is fantastic. I believe you are starting a spin off in Chicago with Dar and Asta next year. I will wait for it. I love Dar and Asta. Could you please write a spin off with Samael too? Any possibility we could learn more about him and his adventures.?Meanwhile I will start with your other series and the new coming books. Thank you for your writing.

    • Hi Michelle,
      B&N sent out the wrong file for the Nook edition even though they had the correct file 3 weeks before the release date. Please contact them for instructions on downloading the correct file.
      I’m so sorry this happened. Unfortunately this is the second time B&N has messed up the file delivery. At this point I probably will not continue to do preorders with them until they fix this issue.

  9. Is there any way to purchase the imp novels in paperback/hard cover? I own them all in Kindle but I would love to have a physical copy!

  10. Love the entire series. Can’t wait for Queen of the damned and the rest! I wonder if we will know more about Samael and about Sam’s “parents”. Samael would probably laugh if he heard about Aaru after Exodus.
    Thank you for writing this amazing world Debra.

  11. Hi, I fell head over heels in love with Rafi and Ahia, and I’m hooked on your books! But I must know what happens after Northern Lights between my two favorite love birds! Do Rafi and Ahia show up in another book? I want to read them all but my addiction towards those two Angels of Chaos needs to be quenched first

    • Rafi and Ahia make a brief appearance in Rogue, which is part of the spin-off Northern Wolves Series. Look for them to pop up occasionally in the future as well!
      For more Rafi pre-Ahia, he’s a regular in the main Imp Series, which begins with A Demon Bound.

  12. Hi Debra, I just started reading all the Imp/ Imp world books in order, I LOVE THEM! ( I’m half way through with Devil’s Paw) I was just wondering where the Northern Wolves books are on the time line.
    Thank you

  13. HI you probably won’t answer this. I was wondering when Samantha told Michelle that she was a demon? I’m reading Satan’s sword right now and loving it, but I’m confused by how Michelle knows. In the first chapter, Candy’s even talking about packs and wolves in front of her.

    • Sam would have told her between the two books. There is some time between A Demon Bound and Satan’s Sword, and I didn’t include that in either story. Glad you’re enjoying the series 🙂

  14. If l wanted to read the series as a whole, what is the reading order should l start? That includes Imp series, half-breed series, and Imp world.
    I know you said that it not necessary to reads all your books out side the Imp series. But l found out it help me to understand when you make statements in the lmp series what happens in other books. I don’t feel lost or ask did l miss something. You answers my questions in your FAQ 2 years ago in September 2014. Now I am rereading the series and update all my missing books from the Imp series. Some are not in audible books but that ok! I buy the eBooks and get the audiobook later when it comes out!
    After reading/ listening to Imp world, l’m planning to read the Templar series. I have them in both formats (eBook & audible books).

    I hope you don’t mind that I had refer some readers to your site. I told them to check out FAQ to get them started on what order to read your books. Plus it might answers some of their questions.

    Thank you for your time to answer our questions!

  15. I’m really confused. No Man’s Land is considered Book 3, Stolen Souls is considered Book 7 and Three Wishes is considered Book 10. Where are Books, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9? Did someone else write them? If so, who?

    • That’s the reading order for the Imp World Novels and where they fit into the series timeline. The series is numbered one through eight (at this point) but readers have asked where the other novels fit in.

  16. FEED ME!!!!
    My hunger for more books is unquenchable!
    I want to devour every little sliver of your imp universe!

    So very tasty!
    So very pleasurable to consume! must have more! MORE! MORE!!!!! *laughs insanely*

  17. Absolutely love the Imp Series! The wife and I listen to them on audible! We love the tongue and cheek of Sam and Gregory. Can’t wait for more!

  18. Found demon bound last week and I have bought and read everything since then. Absolutely stellar series with an awesome main character. I love her bad side and her pranks, she us the best when the demon comes out. Anyways I will be eagerly waiting for more. Thanks for a good read

  19. Hi Debra. Sorry Northern Lights? . English is not my first language. Your web page shows that it is coming on the Fall 2016. How far is it now? I am dying for more books from the imp world.

  20. hello i am from wa state and the lummi tribe. you miss spelled lummi island calling it lumm island.
    i love your books i cant wait to see where this story will take us.

  21. I have just finished Exodus. It is awesome. An absolutely wonderful book. When can we expect to read the novels about Lethu, Gabriel, and Rafael? I know that you were planning to write about them and their stories. I can’t wait to see if Gabriel will hook up with Lethu or any other demon or if Rafy will have his happy ever after with a demon. What about Nils? And Nyalla? And Terrelle ? Will Sam get more noodles? I really hope so.

  22. I just finished Exodus. Just like all of the other books in the Imp Series/World it did not disappoint. Sam’s witty and spontaneous personality make her a great main character. Also, I live in southern Maryland so her home surroundings are familiar to me and that makes them easier to envision.

  23. Will there be a mini book to the imp series where we can read the thoughts of Gregory on his interaction with Sam?

    • I don’t have any Gregory POV books planned, but I might have some fun with short stories or snippets with his thoughts available via my newsletter. Make sure you’re signed up 🙂

      • I love angela rysk as the narrator for the imp series books. She is amazing. Also in the imp series i wish that mica would actually. sleep with her not angel sex lol and be more detailed not cut off. But amazing series otherwise.

  24. I was slow getting started but it didn’t take long to catch up with all of the Imp Series. Now I am impatiently awaiting book 8.

  25. I just finished number six of the Imp series and loved all of them. I doubt I’ll be able to keep up. Maybe if I don’t eat or sleep — hummm?

  26. Are we sure that this series is not some sort of fly on the wall documentary or perhaps biography? Amazon UK seems to believe that the books are nonfiction!
    Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #15,430 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
    #2242 in Kindle Store > Books > Nonfiction

  27. Happy to see you have more books coming out in all 3 of the lines in this series. I was missing Sam and am re-reading them all – working on Kingdom of Lies right now.

    Thanks for your wonderful stories.

  28. The Imp series is dangerous. So dangerous that I didn’t eat for two days. My friends stopped talking to me. It is of such a nefarious nature that even the poor, bright, pink cardigan-wearing old lady sitting next to me on the bus had the shit scared out of her. She didn’t appreciate my bark-type laughter and glared at me her old lady glare. I blame you. These books are nothing less than fucking fantastic. More please.

  29. I can’t say I have a favorite book in the series cause I love them all. I would definately recommend them. My husband got me hooked then his sister.

  30. My husband and I can’t get enouf of the imp series. We couldn’t put it down. We read more young adult books then we do anything else. Very well written collection that has romance, comedy and action. We can’t wait to start on the new series. Thank you Debra for inspiring me to write my own book. Your awsome

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