Imp Series Novels

Imp Series book 1
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Samantha Martin is an imp, enjoying an extended vacation from Hel. All she wants to do is drink beer by the pool, play mischievous pranks on the humans, and get her hot neighbor in the sack.  It’s a relaxing break from her infernal home, as long as she manages to avoid the angels, who won’t hesitate to execute her on sight.

But when her naughty hellhound lands her in trouble with the local werewolf pack, Sam is blackmailed into helping track and catch a killer.  The steps she must take to appease the werewolves will put her right in the crosshairs of the angels.  And with angels, there is no second chance.

Reader feedback on A DEMON BOUND:

“A DEMON BOUND zips along with humor, action and insight and is a clear look at the angel, demon, and werewolf in each of us.


Imp Series book 2
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Samantha Martin is an imp, bound by an angel who allows her to live among the humans . . . as long as she follows his rules. It’s never easy for an imp to follow the rules, especially now that Sam’s brother, Dar, has found himself in hot water. He needs her help to retrieve an artifact from the vampires, or the powerful demon he owes a favor to will enslave and torture him for centuries. It should be a simple courier job, but with demons nothing is simple. Sam reluctantly attempts to help her brother, trying not antagonize the vampires or the demon gunning for him, all while chafing to comply with the restrictions her angel has placed on her as a bound demon.

Imp Series book 3
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Samantha Martin is an imp, a lesser demon from Hel. She has been living under the radar, posing as a human for the last 40 years, but now that she’s bound to an angel and holds the title of Iblis her life is. . .complicated.

Sam has become buried in angelic bureaucracy, saddled with a succubus house guest, and is fighting off a never-ending slew of demon hit-men. The powerful demon, Haagenti, won’t rest until she’s dragged back to Hel for “punishment”, and he has put a substantial price on her head – a price that threatens not only her, but the human she’s grown to love.

When an elven lord offers to take care of Haagenti in return for tracking down and killing a demon half-breed , Sam thinks she’s found the solution to her most pressing problem. But finding and retrieving this hybrid monster isn’t proving easy and time is running out.

Imp Series book 4
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For once no one wants to kill Samantha Martin. She’s free to do all the things a mischievous imp loves to do- like remove all the county speed limit signs, and wrap City Hall in crime scene tape. Her only worry beyond organizing the delivery of her boyfriend’s birthday present, is writing those pesky four nine five reports for the Ruling Council of Angels. But imps can never stay out of trouble for long.

Demon corpses have been found drained of all energy, their spirit selves ripped clean from their bodies. Sam’s angel, Gregory, considers her a prime suspect, so when an angel is discovered dead in the same manner, he drags her to Seattle and Juneau to try to clear her name. The race is on to find the murderer before Sam’s secret is exposed and she’s blamed for the deaths. But is a devouring spirit really the killer, or is there more to the deaths than either Sam or Gregory suspect?

Imp Series book 5
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Sam is banished to Hel, the bond with her angel, Gregory, broken. Six Elven kingdoms are battling for supremacy, and she’s broken and injured in the middle of the most hostile one. Shooting the top off a royal throne, committing fraud in the completion of a contract, and threatening a high lord hasn’t endeared her to the elves, either. If she wants to free the enslaved humans they hold, she’ll need to find a way to help unite their kingdoms.

But elves aren’t the only problem facing Sam. The ancient demon, Ahriman is holding her to the terms and conditions of the breeding contract she signed – and one thousand years under his claw is looking to be the most terrifying thing in all of Hel.

Imp Series book 6
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Samantha Martin didn’t want the title of Iblis and all the hellish responsibility that comes with it. She sure as heck didn’t want these feathery angel wings permanently affixed to her back– although those have their perks. She especially doesn’t want all the extra projects the Ruling Council keeps dumping on her plate.
Tricked into protecting a pregnant woman, Sam discovers that her hasty vow came with a whole lot of strings attached – strings that make her question her trust in Gregory. In order to keep her promises, she’ll need to rely on old friends as well as a house full of unlikely allies.

As if that weren’t enough chaos for an imp, the angels finally find proof that werewolves are Nephilim – the descendants of fallen angels. An entire race is facing extinction and their only hope for salvation is an angel from Hel.

Imp Series book 7
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Samantha Martin may be the leader of Hel, but she is also an imp in debt to a sorcerer. Luckily he’s vowed to wipe away all the favors she owes for one job – retrieve a stolen gem.

But Gregory also needs her help. Interdimensional rifts are opening, spilling supernatural creatures into the world of the humans. Locating and closing the gateways takes a team of two – an angel and a demon.
It’s the opportunity Sam has been waiting for, the very thing that might allow demons and angels to put aside nearly three million years of hate. But the gem has a dark power – one that could shatter any hope of peace between heaven and hell. Which task takes priority? Sam is at a crossroads, where either choice leads to a dark future.

Imp Series book 8
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The elves have a plan to save humanity…by enslaving them. And the angels are too busy to intervene.

Aaru is at war. The rebel angels are calling for Sam’s exclusion from the Ruling Council and her banishment to Hel. But Sam’s isn’t the only future at risk. If they’re defeated, Gregory and his brothers will face exile, losing everything they’ve spent billions of years to build.

The fate of heaven and earth is in the balance, and only an angel from Hel can save them both.

Imp Series book 9
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The Ancient demons of Hel have awakened, and one of them is gathering forces for an invasion of Aaru—which is pretty hilarious as far as Sam is concerned. Few know that Aaru is locked down tight after she banished all the angels. Nobody can get in. Nobody. Well, maybe nobody. The one being in Hel that might be able to restore Aaru is the archangels’ prodigal brother. But he’s presumed dead, having not been seen in over two million years.

The remote possibility of an attack on Aaru isn’t Sam’s only problem. Lows are being snatched off the streets of Dis, and hauled away to the home of an Ancient demon never to be seen again—and a few of the missing Lows belong to Sam’s household.

Suddenly Sam finds herself providing sanctuary in her earthly home for all the Lows in Hel. She’ll need to go undercover to discover if there’s anything to be concerned about in this planned Aaru invasion as well as find the Low-snatcher and somehow persuade him at the point of a sword to leave the minor demons alone before her home is overrun with refugees.

Imp Series book 10
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Seven Grigori enforcers have been murdered, lured to their death by a demon, and bearing the faint energy signature of a Fallen archangel no one has seen in over two million years. As the Iblis, it’s Sam’s responsibility to find the Ancient responsible and bring him to justice, but how can she manage that when she can’t even keep her adopted infant angel from repeatedly killing his corporeal form?

She’s determined to prove herself worthy of the Iblis title, but when the killer claims to be Samael, and an army of demons along with the most powerful Ancients in Hel flock to his side, what’s an imp to do?

The fate of the human world and the entire angelic host rests in her hands. Can Sam get control of Hel, and more importantly, can she face down the Fallen archangel whose shoes she’s struggling to fill?

120 thoughts on “Imp Series Novels

  1. Hi Debra, i read your first book and was impressed. So i bought all your imp seires books . nos 2-9. On downloading , i could download all but the 2nd novel is in Adobe DRM format and not DRM free format. So how can i get an DRM free epub format for my android device. Please email me at- I just purchased all 9 today , 18th Sep. Thanks

    • I’m not sure which vendor you’re purchasing from, but I *believe* the epub version on my ecommerce site (click on shop) is DRM free. Let me know if it’s not and I’ll have my assistant work on getting you a version which is.

  2. Hi debra, I’m listening to the imp series for the 3rd time now as I just love it. Not only do I love the story line but the way you write it and the vocabulary you use. I am trying to put all my ideas on paper but your books make my writing look childish. I was hoping, if you have a minute, you could give me some advice via email. I would be eternally grateful. Also do you have any idea when ‘Queen of the damed’ will be on audible.

    • Thank you – I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. We’re in production for the audio version of Queen of the Damned right now, and I hope to have it up mid to late March. I’ll announce here and on Facebook when it’s live.

    • B&N sent out an incorrect file for the Nook version once again. They are asking customers to reload by
      using the Archive/Un-Archive feature. On a NOOK device or app, this is done in the Library by pressing and holding your finger on the cover image until a menu pops up, and then selecting “Archive”. In the upper right corner press “My Stuff” > “Archived”, and then press and hold your finger again on the cover image and select “Unarchive.”

  3. Good grief I love your Imp-verse novels and novellas but it’s getting confusing to keep up! I’ve used your list above as my guide through all your novels but you’ve outstripped it’s usefulness by your prolific outpouring of great works. I’m not really complaining because I keep coming back to you to find new novels ready to be consumed. They’re like slightly naughty (dare I say “impish

  4. Went through all the Imp series and LOVED them, I have been trying to get a hold of the 9th and see it hasn’t come out yet but unnoticed comments saying mid 2017… just curious if there is an updated date on that?

      • Hi Debra, I see on sep 1st you stated the 9th book in the imp series has been pushed back to later on in the year. Due to the fact it is late Nov now, will the book be pushed back to 2018? Also beca use I listen to the books on audible, am I to assume I would have to wait even longer before I can get hold of it?

        • Queen of the Damned is now available on pre-order with a January release date. As soon as it clears editing, I’ll contract with the narrator and schedule it for audio, which usually pushes the audio release an additional 2-4 months out depending on her schedule.

  5. Hello Debra,
    I read 7 books of your series (from imp forsaken to kigdom of lies): liked them a lot. I love this series because it’s lighthearted, fun, with action and romance. So please, keep going! I just read in your site about Exodus and I am going to buy it right away. I have a minor critic though. In some of the books the ending came a bit too quickly, too much in a rush. For instance in Angel of chaos the final fight with the rebel and the quick solution found with Gabriel for the Nephilim is, in my opinion, too quick (or too easy). The same could be said for Kingdom of Lies, could be such power-up demon be distracted by “Brain! Brain!” ?
    In the first book for instance you did much better, making the possible death of Sam very dramatic.
    Please don’t take my critics too hard, I love the series and I will keep reading your works.

  6. Hello, I love the books! I just started Kingdom of lies (book 7) but it seems like there is a lot missing between Sins of the flesh and Kingdom of Lies.

    The suggested reading order I found on this page listed Sins of the Flesh to be read just prior to book 7, but it appears that lots happened in Samantha life that I’m missing. Regarding a large change in the relationship between her and Wyatt and some other items I don’t want to say since I don’t want to spoil anything for others.

    In short, I guess I’m wondering if you could provide an updated suggested reading list that lists all books and short stories etc. I have no issues buying anthologies or such if it means I get the missing pieces of the puzzle 🙂

    Thanks for writing such fun books with awesome characters!

    • Here’s the reading order:
      Imp (a prequel novella)
      A Suburban Summoning
      A Demon Bound
      Satan’s Sword
      No Man’s Land
      Elven Blood
      Devil’s Paw
      Imp Forsaken
      Stolen Souls
      Demons of Desire
      Angel of Chaos
      Three Wishes
      Sins of the Flesh
      Kingdom of Lies
      The Naughty List
      Northern Lights (coming April 11th)
      RumpleIMPskin (coming Feb 1st)
      Far From Center (coming late April/early May)
      Unholy Pleasures (summer 2017)
      Queen of the Damned (summer 2017)

      • Not to be all nitpicky, but this list should probably be some where. That feeling of getting lost was frustrating and I put this series down because of that frustration. These books are really entertaining so now that I have this list I’m picking this right back up, but yeah, this should be somewhere, maybe even on the book buying page if possible.

        • I wish Amazon and the other retailers would let us do that, but unfortunately all they will list is the order of the main series. I’ll try to publicize this better!

  7. Hey, I have a quick question

    Sometime around book 7 it seems like the game has changed and all of a sudden humans seem to know about the existence of supernatural creatures when the majority didn’t before (i.e. the museum incident in the UK). This seems like a fairly bid deal. I haven’t finished book 8 yet so I realise it could be addressed there but so far haven’t found any reference – have you explained this? In real life it would surely be a rather huge deal, the existence of the supernatural would change everything geopolitically? I don’t mean this to sound overly critical I really love the books, it just seemed like a big shift from people finding out about the supernatural for the first time i.e. in Amber/Nyalla’s solo stories to all of a sudden everyone knowing.

    • The novels are told from Sam’s POV and she’s been a bit busy to pay much attention to human angst over dragons, elves and drop bears 😉 There is some human chaos happening, but that won’t be addressed until a later series.

  8. Debra, I must say that I love the Imp series. I have the first 7. Still need to scrounge up the money for Exodus, but I will get it. I love Sam and her interactions with all the other characters. Your books are among the best I have read with the whole heaven/hell theme. Every time I pick them up the kindle stays in my hand till I finish all of them, thus getting me in trouble with my little sis when she gets up in the morning and I am still sitting at the kitchen table reading. ; )

  9. Hi, I have really enjoyed listening to all your books on audible. I was wondering if Exodus will be released on audible too? If so do you have any idea when? I really can’t wait to get stuck in to Sams’ world again.

    I also want to thank you. Being able to escape into Sams’ World saved me in mine. We are going through a heartbreaking time but you have inspired me to pick the pen back up and start writing again.

    • Thank you – I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the series! Angela is working right now at narration for Exodus and I’m hoping to get it out late November. I’ll know better once the files start coming to me for review.

  10. Your Imp series has me enthralled. Your lead character Samantha is simply both ouragiously dangereous and outragiously chaotic.

    Having just finished Exodus I was just wondering when the next book in this intriging series will be available.

    Yes having read here you are also crafting another series with your writing time and creativity split.

  11. In Angel of Chaos, there seems to be multiple references to Nyalla an the Ghoul, and there seems to be quite a gap between Imp Forsaken and Angel of Chaos in the relationship between Wyatt and Sam…did I miss a book?

    • There are 3 Imp World novels that help round out the series – No Man’s Land, Stolen Souls, and Three Wishes. If you’re curious about Nyalla and the ghoul, then that’s in Stolen Souls.

        • The Timeline reading order is:
          Imp – an Urban Fantasy Novella
          A Demon Bound
          Satan’s Sword
          Elven Blood
          No Man’s Land
          Devil’s Paw
          Imp Forsaken
          Stolen Souls
          Demons of Desire
          Angel of Chaos
          Sins of the Flesh
          Kingdom of Lies
          The Amber (Half-Breed) novels can be read as stand-alones since there isn’t a lot of overlap with the Sam books, but all the World novels give little breadcrumbs to the main series.

  12. I love the humor and sarcasm you inject in your writing. Satan,being a good person is a great twist . I am an older adult with fibromyalgia with constant body ache. Your books keep my attention and make me laugh,so I forget my pain for awhile. Thank you very much.

  13. You wrote a story for the Nightshade Anthology about Sam, and I’d REALLY like to read it, but the anthology is out of print! >:( Is there any way you could provide me with a copy of “Full Moon Mischief”?!? PLEASE!!!

  14. Loved Exodus! And what a mess you’ve created on Earth, by the way. Your Imp World is so entertaining, I think it’s one of the most re-read series of books I have.

    At any rate – I especially wanted to thank you for incorporating some elements of current events and observations. This election cycle has been exhausting, so thanks for the comic relief.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  15. On your home page it states that Exodus will be available Aug 15, 2015. I can’t find it anywhere not I-tunes not Amazon…..but then I found that a fan posted something about it and you replied to them that it will be 2016. I am assuming that it should read on your home page that it will be out August 15, 2016 🙂
    Love the series by the way!

  16. Hi Debra,
    Awaiting the “Exodus” book with “Hell’s Bells” on !!! LOL!!!
    Wondering if you’ve seen the new hit Fox TV series “Lucifer”.
    I think one or two of the show’s writers has been reading or has read your Imp series work because I’ve seen so many similarities to it!
    Let me know what you think after you check it out-if you are not watching already! You might just be another genre “trend setter” !!!

    • I noticed references to CW’s Supernatural. Love it! Your books are great, read all one after the other. Now will be anxiously awaiting the next.

  17. I read your first book in German and was thrilled. When can we read the rest of your books in German ? please tell you they can publish in German .

    • My German translator has unfortunately taken on full time work and wasn’t able to commit to the rest of the series. I have a few recommendations on other translators and hope to get started on the rest of the series this year.

      • Yes please my English is okay but I would prefer German ☺ do you have any news? I really loved your first book and I constantly searched for the German version…

  18. Stumbled upon A Demon Bound, read it, enjoyed it so much! Now on bk 2 and have the other four on my kindle to read! I just love how Sam’s an Imp, no a ‘good girl’ hiding behind a title. When she’s bad she’s bad – and funny!

  19. WoW, Debra! I read your first A Demon Bound, AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!!!! I’m on the second nowish, you Satan’s Sword. It’s also totally fantastic! I love your the way you express everything in your books and your character is so cool! How did you came up with her? I would love it if she really exsisted! Well i will go on and read every book in this serie and i’ll let you know later on which was the best one, ok? Are you writing a new one nowish, or is the Kingdome of lies the last one? I hope not, though! 😀 Keep on writing, Debra! I just love your fantasy! ^^

  20. Hello Debra
    I now have all your books on my Kindle I also have the Audible format.
    I love the way Angela Rysk has captured the spirit of Sam.
    I’m waiting for the
    Three Wishes (with Dar & Asta) Audible I do hope Dar gets a voice change.
    In the mean time I have treated myself to all your books in paperback.
    I like to hold and feel books I love.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  21. Love your books. Great job. Read through 3 times so far (not every book). I think 1-5 I’ve read three times 6 I read twice and 7 I just finished for the first time. There are few books that can get me to laugh out loud and yours does it several times a book. Love Sam! I think we all need a little more imp in our lives.

  22. I’m so excited about the release Kingdom of Lies! I absolutely loved Angela Rysk’s narration of the previous imp books, and hope that she’ll be narrating Kingdom as well. I’m holding off on reading it in the hopes that an audio version is in the works. Her interpretation is spectacular and she just IS Samantha. Can you tell me if an audio version will be released, and if so, when? Thanks!

  23. Love your Imp series. I listened to them through Audible. Will the spin off series with Wyatts sister be put on Audible in the future? Or any of the short stories?

  24. I came looking for information on the possibility of more Imp series books. I know Angel of Chaos came out not long ago, but I sat through the night and read it all. Then a few days later, I read the entire series again.

    I laughed out loud so many times. The characters became my friends and I truly cared what happened to them. Thank you for making me forget that I was even reading a book!

      • Hello Again Debra,
        Happy New Year! Just finished the entire series. When the entire series is in audible – I will listen to them all again LOL. You wrote Kingdom of Lies will be out in 2015. Will it be about Sam and her Friends? I hope so. All the best to you.

          • Hello!! I’ve really enjoyed reading/listening to your books!! My co-worker and I just finished listening to Demon’s Paw and we are on pins and needles waiting for books 5 and 6 on audio!! Any idea when audible will release Imp Forsaken? I read that Angel of Chaos won’t be out until later this year, but I didn’t know if Imp Forsaken would be out any sooner? Also, I read that Wyatt is out of the picture now…will he make a comeback?

            I really love this series! It’s a welcome break from vampires, werewolves, and fae!! I love Sam, her demon ways, and her non-conventional relationships!! So refreshing and funny!!

          • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Imp Forsaken (book 5) is in production right now – actually I’m reviewing the first 15 chapters this weekend. I’m hoping to press the publish button by the end of the month, although Audible usually takes a few weeks to review the files before they have them up for sale. I’ll make an announcement on the website when it’s up. We’ll start production on book 6 – Angel of Chaos directly afterward.
            Wyatt is not a main character in the later books, but he’ll continue to make an appearance here and there. He’s also a side character in Dar’s book – Three Wishes, which will come out in March.

        • There will be 10 Sam books in total, so four more of those. Amber’s Half-Breed series will be 4 novels and a a novella, and there will be at least four more Imp World books on top of that.

  25. Will there be a sixth book?

    I finished reading the Imp series a couple of months ago and have been axiously waiting to see if there will be more. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Brilliant! 🙂

        I have to say reading your imp series has started me off on a whole new world of reading. I’ve read nothing but books with angels in them ever since. I’m obsessed haha.

  26. I purchased A Demon Bound and Satan’s Sword, from I loved them can’t wait for the next one to be available at Do you know when the other books will be available at Audible?
    I love Sam’s character. Your writing is outstanding! I LOL while listening and driving in my car. People must think I am nuts LOL. You should have been a comedian. Again, Great books. Push please for more to be available at Audible.

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying the audio editions! My narrator is working on the third book right now, and we’re hoping to get through book five by the end of the year.

      • I’ve just finished the first 2 books in audio, and i’m dying for the third. Do you have any idea at all how long the wait for book 3 will be? I prefer audio but if it’s going to be awhile I will probably go ahead with the ebook. I had previously thought that i’d read all the awesome series in this genre and was getting quite bored, thanks for getting me excited about a new (to me series) I LOVE it. Sam is such a character! I especially love the things she offers to do for Wyatt to show her love for him, I was seriously LMAO during the part about his opponent in the video game world. I seriously hope you give us tons of books in this series, Sam is a character that i’ll seriously miss if she doesn’t get tons of books. Sorry for the rant! I just love this world you’ve created!

        • Thanks, Michelle! My narrator is working on Elven Blood now. I’ll check in with her and see what the ETA is on that one. Once she’s done, she’ll move right on to the next book.

  27. Like other, I have also just inhaled your imp series, in a short couple of days. Thank you for such an enjoyable ride. Am now waiting to see what happens next to Sam, her angel, her humans, her demons, and her friends.
    Love the way you made the final confirmation/hint of who her angel actually is (I was going to use his name here but realised that it would be a spoiler for those who haven’t got that far…..)
    Thank you

  28. Hi Debra Dunbar,

    Just want to say love your Imp series books. Looks forward to Book 6. Blew through all the books in 3 days. I do not know how I stumbled onto and bought your books on amazon but one of my better purchases in some time. Well written and extremely unbelievably interesting and captivating.

    While awaiting for more imp world and Book 6, would like to ask … Do you have any recommendations of other authors and series that you would recommend, as I await as you churn out more books :).

    Going on the premise that you must have great taste if your books are in such great taste :P.

    • Joel – If you click on the book reviews tag, it will sort on the reviews I’ve done here. I’ll admit, my tastes are varied, so there’s a lot of romance and erotica mixed in with the fantasy!

      Thanks for reading!

    • *chuckle* looks like I’ m not the only one reading the whole series in one go at a crazy pace! 😀 grin
      yes three days sounds about right lol
      a wonderful series thank you for sharing it with us book-junkies ms. dunbar/debra
      i hope you will write many more of these fantastic books 🙂
      (eagerly anticipating the next novel about sam)

    • Thank you for reading! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the series.
      No Man’s Land is off to edit on January 17th. I was hoping to release January 31st, but depending on edits, that date may shift into the first week of February. I’ll post here and on my Facebook page the moment it’s up and available!

  29. I took a chance with Imp on the 14th of November. By the 18th I’d read all of the Imp series. Every book had a number of laugh out loud moments, but some come to mind more than others – Angry Birds, Leethu seeing Michael for the first time, and when Sam prays to any deity for the half blood to appear at her door and the door bell rings – lol.

    In the 5th book I particularly liked how you introduced/developed a new character by pushing some of the existing characters into the background in such a way that it didn’t feel as if you were abandoning them.

    I have to say I didn’t like Ahriman and his actions – however they are important to help the reader understand that his behavior is ‘normal’ for a demon in Hel.

    I’m a sucker for a happy ending so I’m glad I found these after the 5th book was published. I see that you mention a few new story arcs focusing on some of the other characters and I hope that you do one on Amber, maybe when she meets Leethu for the first time.

    • Thanks Darryl! And yes, I am planning a book with Amber in it, and another one with Leethu as the main character. Those books, of course, will be a bit more spicy then others in the series, LOL.

        • I do have a book planned for Leethu in the future. I’d never leave her lonely, especially since she has begged Sam to find her an angel of her own.
          LOL on Gabe. Goodness, all the suggestions I get via e-mail etc. for how to corrupt that poor boy! He’d stroke out if he knew what ya’all had planned for him.

          • Well, what can I say. I’malmost positive Meigan’s part demon. She lives in thearea whereDar and Leethu’s been sowing wild oats, after all;-) And thethought makes us happy happy HAPPY;-) We’re living vicarously through your characters. LOL!

  30. Loved Imp Bound the last 3 chapters were really well done. Personally I’d much rather another Imp book to finish the series and then have spin offs follow that then spin offs first. I suspect I am not alone. I’ll probably buy the spinoffs but I’m not looking forward to them in the same way I would another Imp book.

  31. Loved all the imp series soooo much! I think it only took me 3 days to read them all they were so good! Please please tell me there will be a book 6?!

  32. Wonderful writing, great characters, i have been laughing out loud, the plot is incredible, thank you for the wonderful series, I hope “Angel of Death” will find her Angel again,
    please let them be together.
    can’t wait until book 5, will there be more books in the series?
    Best wishes

    • Thanks so much for commenting, everyone!
      Angela – Book 5 will be followed by a group of spin-offs (No Man’s Land – about the vampires and werewolves, Stolen Souls – with Boomer, and another book featuring Dar), then Book 6 (the last of Sam’s stories) in summer 2014. Afterwards I plan to put out another series of spin-off books featuring the other characters.

      Hope everyone enjoys Imp Forsaken when it’s out on November 1st!

  33. I am so happy I stumbled upon this series. I blew through the first four books in record time. I am so anxious to read about Ahriman I don’t think I can possibly wait until the next book comes out. Good job and good luck with any future writing!

    • Thanks for reading, Lauren! And keep checking my website – I’ll be posting excerpts of Imp Forsaken each Friday until release day to hopefully get you through the wait.

  34. Love love love it!!! Just finished book one and went and bought the other three! Great characters, can’t wait to see how it all unfolds! Totally hooked, thanks!

    • Thanks for reading! I’m going through beta reader feedback right now, then Imp Forsaken (Book 5) will be off to my editor. If she doesn’t have any significant changes, I might be able to release a bit early.

  35. Just finished #4. Wonderful, wonderful characters and devious plotting. I haven’t laughed out loud while reading books in years–I swallowed all of them practically whole. *burp* I am so looking forward to #5! Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Now? How about now? Yes, Sam is a demon after my own heart. THANK YOU for these books.

    • Thank you for reading – I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! Book 5, Imp Forsaken, is due to release November 1st, but if the stars align, I may be able to swing something earlier. First draft is done, and I’m currently in the painful revision process.

      I’ll be putting up a blog post this week that talks a bit about the book, and I should have a cover reveal up the first week in September, so stay tuned!

  36. Looking forward to the 4th book. When do we get to see the cover? I would love to put that book on my to read list on goodreads ASAP:-)

    • The artwork is done and book 4 and book 5 covers are with the typographer. I should have (fingers crossed) the book four cover next week, and the cover for book 5 soon after. I promise I’ll get a placeholder up on Goodreads as soon as I get it back! Thanks for reading.

  37. I just finished, A Demon Bound and Satan’s Sword, loved them can’t wait for the next one. I never laugh so much I love Sam’s character, and I want my own demon horse, even though my husband says I already have one or two.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Diablo is in book 3, and may even make an appearance on the cover. I’m about halfway through the draft of the next book – which means it will probably be released in late March/early April, once it makes its way through the editorial process and revisions.

      Horses are like potato chips – you can never have just one. Or two. Or five. Unfortunately they’re not as easy to hide from spouses as shoe or purse purchases!

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