9 thoughts on “Half-Breed Series

  1. Any more information on when Amber’s Novella will be coming out?!
    Also was wondering if there was going to be an Imp world novel or novella involving Amber’s demon parent; it seemed like there was an interesting story going on with her and this mysterious summoner?

  2. Impatiently waiting for these to be available at B&N. I have all of your Imp/demon books on my Nook, I don’t like splitting a collection .

    I love the demon world you have created and the characters. Sam is my favorite. Thanks for being awesome at what you do.

  3. Hi Debra, I have just read Demons of desire and am excited to get started on Sins of the Flesh but am having problems with my amazon account is there any other platforms your books are available ?

    Thank you

  4. Just finished sins of the flesh looking forward to unholy pleasures any idea when it will be released??

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