Map of Hel (Imp Series)

Map of Hel

16 thoughts on “Map of Hel (Imp Series)

  1. Fell on these by accident and wasn’t completely convinced until I laughed myself hoarse at the idea of an Archangel chasing an Imp round the furniture of a suburban house. I have since become addicted and adore Sam, her sarcasm, and plain meanness – I identify with her on many levels, especially the wish to run amok with something sharp and pointy. In a word, dahlink… Fab-U-lous!

    P.S. some stuff about Rafi would go down really, really well. I’m a bit partial to dark hair and blue eyes. 😀

  2. I’ve recently read the entire series, and keep re-reading it! I’m in love! I’m not sure if I love Sam or Gregory more, and have so many questions too! I can hardly wait for the next book!! Just wanted to come to your site and gush like a screaming fan girl, I love your work!!

  3. Just powered through you imp series, imp world series and half demon series now crashed and burned as waiting next instalments cause wow what amazing reads. Also so upset have to wait till spring 2017 for next half demon book not this spring but keep up the brilliant imaginative work cause your characters have stolen my heart and sole HUGE HUG & LOTS OF LOVE XXX

  4. I stumbled uppon Imp series while researching goodreads. And I’ve allready read it twice. In one week.
    Right now I’m going through “I don’t know what to do with my life anymore” phase (which – for those who don’t know – means I’ve read a fantastic series, and can’t read anything else, because I am unable to stop thinking about it)
    I can’t wait for “Angel of Chaos”!

    And I want to say that I admire your work, and your imagination. It’s been a long time since I read something this good. I hope you never stop writing!

    P.s. Sorry for any mistakes I might have made in this comment. I’m a foreigner, and still improving my English skills.

  5. I totally love your books. I am hooked and I can’t wait for the next. 🙂 Please keep writing these awesome stories.

    • Hi MiMi – Subscribers to my blog/website as well as Facebook page fans get all the late breaking news. I also have an e-mail list specifically for new releases – so I’ll add you to that. Thanks for reading!

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