Imp Reading Timeline

A Reading Order for all the Imp Series and Imp World Novels

Imp (a prequel novella)
A Suburban Summoning (short story)
A Demon Bound (Imp 1)
Satan’s Sword (Imp 2)
No Man’s Land
Elven Blood (Imp 3)
Devil’s Paw (Imp 4)
Imp Forsaken (Imp 5)
Stolen Souls
Demons of Desire (Half-breed 1)
Angel of Chaos (Imp 6)
Three Wishes
Sins of the Flesh (Half-breed 2)
Kingdom of Lies (Imp 7)
The Naughty List (short story)
Northern Lights
Juneau to Kenai (Northern Wolves 1)
Exodus (Imp 8)
Liberation (Short story – Nyalla)
Cornucopia (Half-breed 3)
Rogue (Northern Wolves 2)
Winter Fae (Northern Wolves 3)
Bad Seed (Northern Wolves 4)
RumpleIMPskin (short story only available in Once Upon a Kiss Anthology)
Far From Center
Unholy Pleasures (Half-breed 4)
City of Lust (Half-breed 5)
Queen of the Damned (Imp 9)
Penance (2018)