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81 thoughts on “Subscribe!

    • This is Erin, Debra’s VA. 🙂 The Dark Crossroads audio is in progress. Ship of the Dead is a short story and will probably not be made into audio. Debra says that there are no current plans to have the White Lightning series in audio at this point.

  1. I love your White Lightening series! The 1920s and 30s are my favorite eras. You and J. p. Sloan did an excellent job portraying this time. I love the characters and their unique personalities and history. I feel like I’ve met them and know them. Thank you for writing these!

  2. I’m really enjoying the Templar series! You’ve combined so many concepts I’m interested in: Templar’s, vampires, magick, dealing with cryptids in the modern world, and characters balancing the need for violent acts to protect who and what they love while keeping their morality. I keep wanting to see Baltimore hire Aria as a permanent consultant to help with the escalating paranormal issues in the area. Also someone needs to create a prison to contain the paranormal baddies with a partnership between all parties AND humans. Can’t wait to see how Aria’s new place and fur-buddies work out, not to mention the escalating romance with fabulous Dario. Any ETA info on the next book?

    • Thank you! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the Templar Series!
      Yes, Aria’s role will formalize as things evolve, and the books will address how to handle paranormal criminals 🙂 Royal Blood, book 5, has a tentative release date of April, or possibly May, and book 6 will most likely come out late summer/early fall. Expect there to be at least 10 books in the series, possibly more.

      • Awesome can’t wait I love the Templar books I’ve read them all!! My husband asked what do you call a book worm that read off of her phone?? Lol I just replied crazy

  3. Dear Debra
    Found your imp series a month ago and am enjoying them very much.
    Enjoy your sense of humor, it is a pleasure to read.
    I am starting to read book 10 , please keep on writing about Sam and Gregory, you giving a senior something to look foreward to.
    Wim Sweerman

    • Same I only discovered her this year, and I have devoured my way through both the Imp series and the half breed series. Sam is hilarious I ❤️ her!!!!!!! This has become one of my fave series!!!!

  4. I am on the second imp book and I am loving them. There are many mediocre writers practicing in this genre, so a writer like you is a refreshing change. Besides your impressive writing skills, something that makes you a joy to read is your sense of humor. My eyesight is failing, so I appreciate your being on audible. Thanks!

    • It costs several thousand dollars upfront each book to hire a professional narrator and format the files for audio, so I’m prioritizing by producing audiobooks of my bestselling series novels first.

  5. I love to read fiction/ fantasy as a way to escape from the day to day since I’m a doctor with two kids and two jobs. I’m always looking for something new, as I tend to read 2 books a week. I have started to purchase book bundles on my nook and came across The Templar series. I have never written an author before, but wanted to express that I really enjoy Aria as a character. I appreciate your style of writing and your medieval background. The attention to detail, organization and clear timelines make it easy to be there and get lost in the story. The character development is solid. I’m finding it harder and harder to really find authors that are clever, resourceful and good writers…and who have good editors. Thank you. Glad I found you. I’m on the 4th Templar book and already downloaded the first book in the Imp series. Looking forward to continuing my reads!

  6. Hi Debra! I love the Imp series and just finished book 6. I started reading the series years ago but for some reason I thought it ended, I may have even convinced my 36 yo son it was over. We were both quite sad. So, hopefully he’ll be just as happy as me that I was wrong (not the first time as I’m sure he could tell you).

    Anyway thanks for the fun.

    Tim McCanna

  7. You are one of my favorite authors (Alexander Dumas, Margaret Atwood, Dickens, etc are a few of whom I lost you with, so you are in good company, IMHO)…. I am a huge fan of your Imp series. I am so impressed by the twists and turns of your p!ots, your excellent characters who practically jump off the page and your keen wit. Also, you appreciate Eminem, which further adds to your appeal for me.

    Please keep writing books about Sam and the crew. I look forward to each new one as soon as I gobble up the latest. You have a real gift and I am so glad that I found your books 6 years ago. I am grateful to be able to read such entertaining novels that have so many great elements to them. I know it must be a lot of work, but your endeavors are appreciated by many.

    I hope that you and your family are doing well and that you and your horse have made a deal to keep you seated. I used to take dressage lessons, but I was horrible at it. I gave it up, much to the relief of my trainer and I swear I heard whinnies of relief (or triumph) from my half-leased horse, Boomer. Yes, same as Sam’s hellhound! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

      • I am replying for a very important reason (to me, at least. Quite hopefully to you) Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Amazon Prime- all channels that I think would be able to produce your imp World Series and do it justice.

        Have you thought about having any of these Networks make a show? Because, your books contain so many elements that are crucial to entertainment in both literary and televised media. That’s my opinion, anyway.

        I know that you have your hands full already, but do you think that you would be interested in that? Hopefully it would be a big Cash Cow for you, and you certainly deserve it! Just wanted to see what your thoughts are on it and let you know that you have fans that would love to see Sam in action on a screen.

        Since CGI has improved vastly and is less costly now, I honestly think that they could do a TV series very successfully, with your books. I think it would be a hit.

  8. Debra,

    I first listened to your Imp books during my recovery from surgery, and I tell you now, I had to listen again after I stopped taking pain medication to make sure I didn’t dream it up in my drug-addled head.

    Great series, love Sam and how you write the low’s interactions. The part where they stuffed magical items up their butts in glee had me in stitches!

    Now audio books are a part of my daily commute to and from work, so I can’t to hear more about Sam’s stories!

  9. Stubbled upon the Imp series by chance, a story in a collection of fairy tales. It peaked my interest and I had to find out more. Needless to say, I’m now addicted!

  10. Hi love the books and all your stuff so far more to read please don’t rush your books let them tell you the story to write so we can enjoy them as much as the ones we have already read

    Thank you for being willing to share your stories and taking the risk to do so keep up the good work

    • I agree.with Fanian, perfection takes time. Some stories flow right out, while others need to germinate. I’d rather wait for a good story than read something hastily put together. With that said, I love the everything about the Imp World! A brilliantly written series that I savor like my fav dk chocolate. Debra, you are an amazing author! You bring an improbable world to life and the characters, both good and bad, are well developed, intriguing, strangely believable, and some are surprisingly loveable..Thank you for creating such an amazing environment and such fantastic stories. Always look forward to receiving the latest ebook on my Kindle! Thank you!

  11. Well, I read the first Imp World novel, and I was hooked. I’ve now binge-read everything you’ve written. All I can say is, “Please, write faster!” You truly have a gift for storytelling, and your sense of humor resonates with me. All the best, Nancy

  12. Hi Debra
    Just want to say your Imp series is great.
    I just finished Exodus, loved it.
    One more thing in Kingdom of Lies, Sam comes across a place,
    Called Toad Hop. Years ago in my travels I went by a town
    In Tennessee its name Frog Jump. The similarity for me was
    So close I just had to comment.
    Please keep up the awesome stories.

  13. I discovered your Imp series a year or two ago and have re-read the series every time you released a new book. I can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. Makes me wish you could get a movie deal. Would love to see your characters brought to the screen. Keep up the great stories, they tend to be the highlight of my day.

  14. i just finish listening to Imp and The Templar, on audiobook omg i really love the The Templar, will Bare Bones come out on audio?

    • I don’t have a firm release date on Queen of the Damned yet – most likely summer of 2017. Unholy Pleasures has been delayed. I hope to start work on it this spring. First there will be a novella in that series, then Unholy Pleasures. I’m going to try to squeeze in City of Lust (the fourth and final Half-Breed Series book) by the end of 2017.

  15. I really enjoy the Imp series, the humor and the action, avidly looking forward to reading Queen of the Damned

  16. Love your books, I can’ remember another series I’ve enjoyed as much. Have you ever read the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis? I think you would enjoy them. Keep the stories coming!

  17. Hi Debra I’ve just read the first of the Imp books. I loved it and enjoyed the humour in it. I’ve just bought the other books in the series and look forward to reading them. I read that the series will consist of ten books so will have the others to look forward to. Thank you for writing books with such enthralling characters.

  18. I just found the Imp series and loved it. Have read all of them in just a few days. Could not stop reading. I love the Relationship with Sam and Gregory. I wish there was more of the working together. I hope this series has more books than 7 or we see then a lot in side books

  19. Please keep me informed on your books because they look so good. I haven’t read any of them yet but tend to check into them real soon! I only read books in paperback or hardcover because I am on a tight budget and that is all I can afford right now.

  20. I’ve read thousands of books in my life but these are some of the best. Very talented, very witty and great flow and story. Can’t wait for more, please keep writing, true talent.

  21. I have never laughed so much . I love Dar and his character . You are the best I’ve had the pleasure to read/listen. Thank you for your audio books and I’m anxious to get to the next book. AWESOME stuff! Kjcs

  22. I LOVE this series! I am always looking for a new author to read. I read really fast, and follow several series, which means I am always running out of great books to read. I’m SO GLAD I came across your books! The world you created is so different, and yet it still makes sense. And the HUMOR —let’s just say reading on of your books will make my day!Lol I can’t wait for the next book!

  23. Wow. LOVE this series. After downloading a sample I was hooked. After the first book, I could not put it down. Normally prefer science fiction too. Wonderful characters, awesome humour, great storylines, amazingly written, well done. Thank you for the great read and I look foward to the rest of the series and more.

  24. I’ve come to your Imp series via Audible. Angela Rysk brings a great reading style. Can you please put links on your page to the Audible books, and if possible to Angela Rysk.

    By the way … your icon-link to A Demon Bound Kindle Edition on Amazon doesn’t show, although the link itself does work.

    Can you make the MAP a thumbnail to open a bigger map on a NEW TAB. New Tabs mean I can leave the page where I am and come back to it no matter how far I travel on the New Tab.

    Regards Paul

    • I don’t yet have a release date for Dead Shift, but it IS in draft, so hopefully early next year! I also have a zombie trilogy in outline with the first in partial draft, but that one probably won’t release until 2018 at earliest. If only I could clone myself!

  25. Hi ms Dunbar you’re hot are you married? Thanks for your imp books I have them all they are a fun world to read about but to actually be in, well that depends! I would not like to run into a bored demon. Again thanks for your work!

  26. Love these books! Is there a more concrete release date for the 8th book yet? I’m going to preorder it for Kindle 🙂 And is the 8th the last book or will there be a 9th?

    • There will be 10 books in the Imp Series, not including the spin-offs. Book 8, Exodus, doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but I’m shooting for late spring/early summer.

      • I delayed finishing book 7…. But your wonderful imp books are like potato chips….can’t just have one…or 7!!!
        I just love this series..she is flawed and yet she still IS an angel..
        praying for a early spring 😉 …because maybe book 8will be here sooner (ha ha)…
        Your books are so enjoyable. So glad I found your books…keep them coming…right now I am in Imp withdrawal..I could so see this series on Star or HBO…but only if they do it right…and correctly.
        Thank you

  27. Loved the first book ,promptly downloaded all the rest .i love the humour,romance and the ” stick it to ’em” policy.brilliant .cannot wait for the eighth to come out.

  28. Ive loved all 7 books in the imp series they are funny and romantic ish in an imps way but with plenty of action and fantasy. Stumbled on these books by accident as the first one was in a bundle. Which was a serendipitous find as I’m a bit of an insomniac at the moment but due to a minor op having to lay on the bed a lot. (Although all the laughing hasn’t done much for my pain levels lol) I read a lot anyway and have never come across any like these, you have a unique writing style and voice that I hope continues for many more books to come. Thank you for the entertainment

  29. I have never laughed so much reading a book(s) . I kept tissues handy with the others 😉 going to buy Kingdom of lies today and then on to the others.The books are refreshing and fun to read !!! Love your style ! These books are already on my re read list in case of dry spell ( you know the times no book or author catches your interest and your fav authors are to slow 😉 ) Signed up for updates on new releases as well.Thank you for the great entertaiment 😀

  30. Yay… I just received my Imp Kit, thank you so much Debra! Loving your books… and really appreciate my Imp kit, it’s devilishly good x

  31. I absolutely love the Imp series. I buy each one as soon as it’s out and devour it within hours of the purchase!
    When is #8 due to be released?


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