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Imp World Timeline

This is how the various Imp World series intertwine in time-line order.  Please note that it’s not necessary to read all the different series, or to even read them in this order! I’ve just provided this for those of you who have asked for it.

Imp (a prequel novella)

A Suburban Summoning (short story)

A Demon Bound (Imp 1)

Satan’s Sword (Imp 2)

No Man’s Land (Jaq and Kelly’s Story)

Elven Blood (Imp 3)

Devil’s Paw (Imp 4)

Imp Forsaken (Imp 5)

Stolen Souls (Nyalla’s Story)

Demons of Desire (Half-breed 1)

Angel of Chaos (Imp 6)

Three Wishes (Dar’s Story)

Sins of the Flesh (Half-breed 2)

Kingdom of Lies (Imp 7)

The Naughty List (short story)

Northern Lights (Rafi’s Story)

Juneau to Kenai (Northern Wolves 1)

Exodus (Imp 8)

Liberation (Short story – Nyalla)

Cornucopia (Half-breed 3)

RumpleIMPskin (short story)

Far From Center (Gabe’s Story)

Unholy Pleasures (Half-breed 4)

Rogue (Northern Wolves 2)

Winter Fae (Northern Wolves 3)

Bad Seed (Northern Wolves 4)

City of Lust (Half-breed 5)

Queen of the Damned (Imp 9)

Penance (Uriel’s Story)

The Morning Star (Imp 10)

Down The Chimney (Imp x-mas novella)

With This Ring (Imp 11)

California Demon (California Demon 1)

Sinners on Sunset (California Demon 2)

Ventura Hellway (California Demon 3)

The Devil Went Down to Glendale (California Demon 4)

Route 666 (California Demon 5)

Crown of Imp and Bone (Imp 12)