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Tags: Marketing

Not A Second To Spare

It’s been a hectic spring for me so far.  ELVEN BLOOD was released April 1st, and I’ve been working my substantial rear end off with book promotion.  I’ve got a few ads running, and a giveaway at Goodreads. (Click HERE and enter to win one of five signed paperback copies of ELVEN BLOOD – don’t forget to put […]

Money Makes the World Go Round

Just yesterday I was pondering a blog post over at Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path on how certain marketing firms catapult authors to the top of bestseller lists.  All it takes is money. The Wall Street Journal, NYT, and other well known bestseller lists are compiled using data on sales from specific bookselling […]

Infiltrating the Comic Convention

The Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend, and I am going.  Although this will be my first time, my brother is a seasoned veteran of comic conventions.  He’s always been a huge fan, and, at one point, even owned a small comic book publishing company.  He’s schmoozed with everyone, including the big dogs throughout the […]

Position Before Submission

Yes, I am officially insane.  At 47, I’m trying out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without any previous martial arts training.  It’s a good workout.  It’s amazing research for in-fighting techniques for my writing.  It requires me to think, plan, use my weight and body position in surprising ways.  Fun stuff.  Last Friday, our instructor emphasized that position […]

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