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How could I resist a French film about a clown and cannibals in a dystopian 1940’s setting?  Delicatessen was vaguely horror, vaguely humor, and vaguely Steampunk without the gears. Louison, a former clown, is desperate for employment.  He answers an … Continue reading →


Frostbiten – 2006, Director Anders Banke Tired of those sparkly, emo vampires?  The brooding ones that would rather play hide the salami than bite someone in the neck?  Journey beyond the confines of Hollywood and experience a Swedish film full … Continue reading →


Vitus (2006) Directed by Fredi M. Murer (Winner of Swiss Film Prize for  Best Film of 2007) Vitus (played in part by piano virtuoso Teo Gheorghiu) is a child genius whose life is carefully guided along by  his loving, but … Continue reading →

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