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Tags: publishing

The Dark Side Of Contracts

The blogs have been burning up this week with writer’s organizations taking a stand against Random House’s Hydra, Alibi, Flirt, and Loveswept imprints.  It’s no news that large publishers have been exploring alternate business models in an attempt to remain financially solvent and survive the rocky times they’re experiencing.  I don’t have a problem with […]

A Fable for Writers

Gather round, ye young and old, as Mama Debra tells a tale of two authors.  A parable as old as the internet, handed down via viral media.  Ancient and revered.  One author we’ll call Snow White, and the other Rose Red.  Both are mid-list authors with several publications, although Snow White has had the fortune […]

It’s a Catfight

My short story, Love Magick, is in the anthology Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft and our publisher has been diligently updating us authors when the book is up and available at various e-retailers.  Although the majority of sales come from Amazon, it’s important to have wide availability, and this book (as well as my novel, […]

Eyes on the Prize

You’re writing a novel.  You’re opening a bakery.  You’re going to be a professional photographer.  They’re all businesses.  Writing is one business, but the publishing of your book is another.  Two separate enterprises that equally need your attention.  It’s the same on that bakery.  Being a great baker isn’t enough, you also need to have […]

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