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Tags: writing

Breaking Through A Stuck Plot

This may be a problem that only pantsers such as myself experience, but I’ll throw it out there anyway.  Stuck Plot.  It’s not the same as writer’s block.  The story is there, the characters are clamoring to get out, but try as I might, nothing appears on the page.  I feel like there’s a logjam […]

The Nose Knows

I’m currently reading Blood Cross (in the Jane Yellowrock series) by Faith Hunter.  The main character is a Native American shifter, and she hunts rogue vampires, solves the central mystery primarily by her heightened Mountain Cat sense of smell.  Jane is smart and tough.  She researches, interviews, sorts through a tangled web of facts and […]

The Time Spent Not Writing

I’m finding that the time I spend not writing is as important as the time spent with fingers on the keyboard.  I’ve always known my daily jog adds to my creative process.  It’s like meditation – feet hitting the pavement in rhythm for five miles.  My mind wanders in a stream of consciousness fog and […]

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