1. Thanks! LOL – we had “Barn Cat” at one point. Although the abbreviated version, BC, was a bit more cool.

    • Lynn Dalton

    • 9 years ago

    Great article Deb. I’ve always “clicked” right in with my kitties’ names. Blue. Gunther, Wolfgang etc. Not so this time. My new shelter kitty, “Miss Scarlet”‘ just not working. My alpha kitty, “Tishy” (Morticia), gives way to Lilly (Munster), then Ophelia, and Tuesday Adams. Cruella is the first one in which she actually answered me. Greta is the only female gremlin name, (second movie which I have NOT seen) I think of as she resembles a mad gremlin at this point. So I say to you… I have a pint for you….can you help me?

    1. Hmmm, would you go outside pop culture? Maybe famous witches in history or into folklore? It would be obscure, and you’d need to be always explaining the name, but could be fun.

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