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Tags: writer

Geek Culture

I’m really excited to have a guest blog today from writer Liv Rancourt.  Liv is another author, whose short story An Accidental Witch is included along with mine in the anthology, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft.  An excerpt of her short story follows the post – I’m sure you’ll want to read more! **** Thanks […]

Book Reviewer Dilemmas

I love books.  When I was little, the book-of-the-month club was not enough.  I practically lived at my library, I borrowed books from the school.  And when I was around 12, I started working my way through the hundreds of books on my parent’s book shelves.  Which weren’t always age appropriate.  While my peers were […]

Spam and Twitter Marketing

Thank you Back-Pain-Relief-Person for the lovely comments about my blog.  I know you didn’t read my blog, and have cleverly commented in a generic, yet faintly personal, way in an effort to get me to post your link pimping your product.  With fans like you, the NYT bestsellers list can’t be far in my future.  […]