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I got a comment asking about the recipe for those roasted beaks the Lows love so much, and wanted to oblige so everyone in my demon household can enjoy the delicacy.

Honestly, when writing about them, I was thinking about chicken feet and how they are usually boiled down in a broth, but can also be fried or baked. I’ve never cooked chicken feet myself, but I know that the nails need to be removed before preparing them since nails are super hard and wouldn’t be all that easy for human teeth to chomp on. I imagined beaks were the same. But since demons eat all sorts of interesting things (like bitey fish) denizens of Hel don’t mind chewing something hard as a rock.

Of course, each region of Hel has their own special take on the best way to prepare roast beaks. All demons agree that softening the beaks by either blanching them or boiling them is necessary before tossing them in the oven (or air fryer if you’re this side of the gates). Cool them down by immersing the beaks in cold water, then get out your metal pan and fire up the oven.

Before roasting, coat the beaks with honey or butter, then sprinkle on a peppery mix, garlic, cinnamon, barbecue sauce, or Sam’s favorite— Old Bay Seasoning. Then roast those suckers until they’re golden brown and hard as granite. If you’re not chipping a tooth, they’re not done!


  1. Yes! Eat away without worry!

  2. Delicious recipe! I substituted chicken beaks for duck beaks as they’re less dangerously pointy and have more crunch-factor. I steamed them for one hour to maintain maximum nutrition and then roasted them on flaming coals until diamond-hard. I served them with a non-dairy FODMAP-friendly aioli as my daughter and her five husbands are all lactose intolerant and have various allergies. 12/10 would make this dish again!

    • Christine Rhine

    • 4 years ago

    But are they keto? Asking for those carb conscious demons

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