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Tags: short story

Character Motivation

The short story had decent prose, interesting plot, and a neat twist to the ending, but I just didn’t buy it.  I mean, I paid money for the story, but I found the plot premise and, more importantly, the main characters’ motivations lacking.  I hovered on the edge of suspended disbelief, but just couldn’t make […]

Guest Blogging Today

Today I’m over at Debbie Christiana’s website, guest blogging about where I got my idea for the short story Love Magick in Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft.  Pssst, it’s about LEFTOVERS!  And who doesn’t enjoy a good leftover? Join us  – click HERE

The Winged Things

The Winged Things – Caleb Casey Meagan is holed up in a house with her neighbors, trapped as creatures scuttle across the roof, climb up the sides of the house, and scratch against the windows, peering in malevolently.  She had been watching a late-night movie, enduring the unseasonable heat, when a freak power outage brought […]

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