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Tags: Vampire

No Man’s Land Cover Reveal

  NO MAN’S LAND Kelly’s family has beaten her nearly to death, yanked her fangs and discarded her in West Virginia – a buffer zone between two contentious vampire families.  It’s impossible for a vampire to survive in exile, especially without fangs.  Desperate, Kelly will do anything to convince her family to take her back. […]

From Dusk Till Dawn

WARNING: Movie spoilers ahead. Last week I blogged on the need for foreshadowing in novels to help the reader (more specifically, me) follow along on the journey.  Commenters had other points of view, and one specifically mentioned the films by Quentin Tarantino.  It got me to thinking about his films, specifically From Dusk Till Dawn. […]


Frostbiten – 2006, Director Anders Banke Tired of those sparkly, emo vampires?  The brooding ones that would rather play hide the salami than bite someone in the neck?  Journey beyond the confines of Hollywood and experience a Swedish film full of dark humor, and more chewed up bodies than a tank of piranhas. The movie […]

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Sweetie and I have wanted to see this movie since we first heard the title.  The juxtaposition of ideas was intriguing – a solemn, revered president of yore, secretly a bad-ass slayer.  The whole idea was irresistible.  When the reviews were mixed and the overall rating low, Sweetie waffled.   In spite of his doubts, we […]

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