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Tags: werewolves

No Man’s Land Excerpt

Here’s a sneak peak from the first chapter of No Man’s Land, available February 7th.  I’ll be posting more later this week! Kelly stood with her back to the doorway, her hands clasped behind her. Nothing she did helped stem the rising panic. Any moment, someone was going to walk through that door, and then […]

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Marching alongside the Potomac River, from Washington DC to Cumberland, Maryland is one of my favorite places.  The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O) is 184.5 miles long, and operated at its full length from 1850 – 1924, primarily moving coal.  Back in the days of the American Revolution, our founding fathers pondered how to best […]

Discussing Deadlocked

Deadlocked: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel – Charlaine Harris I don’t often review the big dogs.  I have a secret desire to find that amazing debut/self-published/small press novel and be the first to hold it up and acclaim its greatness.  Still, I’ve read all of the Sookie novels and think a popular work is worth discussion. […]

Dangers in Paranormal Dating

I read a cool blog post last week talking about why it might not be so fun being married to a vampire.  Got me to thinking there are some significant downsides to dating any supernatural being. Angels: If you can fit a million of them on a head of a pin, their important parts are […]