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Summer may not be over for you, but my kids are heading back to school in a few weeks, and any spare reading time is devoured by trying to find the correct folders and notebooks as detailed by a mile-long school issued supply list.  Ugh.  I may not have my toes in the sand, or hand splashing in the pool, but in case you do, here’s the best of what I read this summer:

Sleight of Hand by Mark Henwick

This urban fantasy novel reminds me of the old school, noir detective mysteries with a paranormal kick. There’s a tightly woven, intricate plot with lots of moving pieces. The love/sex level is low – which is what I want in the beginning of a UF series. Lots of action, and a kick-ass heroine who is x-military, smart as a whip, and struggling to deal with her vampire “infection”. Amber was a member of an elite special forces group when she was bitten and left for dead, the rest of her team slaughtered.  After confining her and running tests, the military has hesitantly set her loose – with a caveat.  She continues to work for them, investigating and gathering information on supernaturals in the Denver area.  She reports regularly – submitting for tests that determine if she’ll remain free or be stuck in a cage for her own, and everyone else’s safety.

Amber’s brief stint as a member of the local police force didn’t go well, but she has a liaison there who is aware of her “mission

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