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Tags: novels

1 Star Reviews

I love 1 star reviews.  No, I don’t love getting them, I love reading them.  I can’t help myself.  I’ll go to browse some possible book selections, and I just have to see what those 1 star (and sometimes 2 star) comments are all about.  Sometimes they give me insight into what went wrong in […]

Character Motivation

The short story had decent prose, interesting plot, and a neat twist to the ending, but I just didn’t buy it.  I mean, I paid money for the story, but I found the plot premise and, more importantly, the main characters’ motivations lacking.  I hovered on the edge of suspended disbelief, but just couldn’t make […]

The Solitary Character

Sometimes it happens.  You’ve got a main character, maybe your protagonist, who for some reason or another is alone.  Maybe they’re bitter and disillusioned, avoiding human contact.  Maybe something causes others to shun them.  Maybe they’re trapped in a prison cell, chained to a wall, alone.  Either way, this can cause difficulties in a story.  […]

A Rat Tale to Curl Your Tail

I belong to a writer’s research group on Yahoo, hosted by the fabulous Rayne Hall (I reviewed her book here).  Even when I don’t have an open question for the group, or the topic isn’t one I can contribute knowledge to, I still read the posts.  That’s how I came across the following story, courtesy […]

Psychology and Romance – a Writer’s Perspective

In my previous post, I discussed the biological factors around romantic love – specifically surrounding sexual desire and attachment.  In psychology, there are typically three concepts that come to play in romantic love:  Attachment, Sex, and Caregiving.  Today I’m going to discuss how early experiences in attachment can color behaviors in romance. CHILDHOOD ATTACHMENT EXPERIENCES […]

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