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Author: debradunbar

CD skulls

New Release!

California Demon is finally here! You can now get the e-book and paperback versions. Audio is in production, and I’ll announce as soon as it’s finished and available (most likely in February). In New Hell, only the monsters survive. Eden Alvaro is a licensed Vulture, picking through the aftermath of violence in demon-plagued LA, and […]

Demonic Snack Foods

I got a comment asking about the recipe for those roasted beaks the Lows love so much, and wanted to oblige so everyone in my demon household can enjoy the delicacy. Honestly, when writing about them, I was thinking about chicken feet and how they are usually boiled down in a broth, but can also […]

Cougar On A Hot Tin Roof

I met Robyn Peterman a few years back at a writers convention, introduced by a mutual friend. She’s quirky and funny, a whirlwind of energy, and full of creativity. Her books are chaos-filled, comedic PNR, so of course we instantly bonded! Last year while at a readers conference in Canada, she asked if I’d write […]

New Release!

Minions and Magic is now available on Amazon. Glenda’s magic might be in healing, but she’s more proud of her non-witch talents. When it comes to crafting culinary delights, everyone inside and outside of Accident knows that Glenda is the best. So when Xavier, a sexy crossroads demon, challenges her to a contest, Glenda doesn’t […]

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