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Tags: novel

Twinkies and Twilight

My critique group and I a few weeks back were discussing technology and references that date novels, such as public pay phones versus common cell phone usage, or gas station attendants who pump customers’ gas.  Should a writer leave the novel alone, as a snapshot in time, or should they issue a revised edition that […]

Satan’s Sword – Cover Reveal

Yes, book one, A Demon Bound was just released on June 17th, 2012, but that doesn’t mean my team and I haven’t been hard at work on several other novels.  Satan’s Sword, book two in the Urban Fantasy series featuring Samantha Martin, is currently in edit with a tentative release date of October 20th, 2012. […]

Will The “Real

I read an excellent blog post recently about indy published work written by children .  The blogger made a comment that a writer is never *really* a published author until a publishing company, i.e. someone other than themselves, has evaluated their work, deemed it worthy of risk and investment, and assumed said risk by publishing […]