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Tags: self publishing

A Fable for Writers

Gather round, ye young and old, as Mama Debra tells a tale of two authors.  A parable as old as the internet, handed down via viral media.  Ancient and revered.  One author we’ll call Snow White, and the other Rose Red.  Both are mid-list authors with several publications, although Snow White has had the fortune […]

Infiltrating the Comic Convention

The Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend, and I am going.  Although this will be my first time, my brother is a seasoned veteran of comic conventions.  He’s always been a huge fan, and, at one point, even owned a small comic book publishing company.  He’s schmoozed with everyone, including the big dogs throughout the […]

Eyes on the Prize

You’re writing a novel.  You’re opening a bakery.  You’re going to be a professional photographer.  They’re all businesses.  Writing is one business, but the publishing of your book is another.  Two separate enterprises that equally need your attention.  It’s the same on that bakery.  Being a great baker isn’t enough, you also need to have […]

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