Sweetie and I took the metro down to Baltimore Sunday for the Comic Con, wearing our shirts.  I was the demon, he was the angel.  My brother, Frank, his friend Eric, and my niece, Kate, also had on promotional shirts.  Kate’s proclaimed “Throw your gum on the floor,


  1. Ah, the Con… fond memories of pawing through rows of comic boxes, looking for that elusive key issue of Amazing Spiderman. While handing out Amazing Bookmarks to any CG (Comic Geek) that looked my way. It was great fun hanging with my big sis and watching Sweetie sweat a little at the shear AWSOME that is the comicbook fandome (point of note: the picture of the big metal guy up above? It’s the Annihilator, from Thor).

    I’m really looking forward to the possibility of drawing a graphic novel featuring Sam pre-Owned. I may even finish a graphic novel of my long standing character Gecko… that would be Legen…… (wait for it) …… dary! If nothing else I’ll have an assortment of character prints for sale, nothing brings a crowd like well-drawn art of thier favorite characters at a comiccon.

    1. I KNEW you’d know who that big metal guy was!
      I’ve been thinking over the graphic novel plot and have some ideas coming together. I’ll shoot you an e-mail later this week.
      Had a great time with you and Kate and crew – enjoyed the comic-geekdom!

  2. I’m glad you guys had a good time! I’m sorry I missed it.

    You are an inspiration to me.


    1. Thanks! It was a beautiful day – wish you could have come too.

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