California Demon

California Demon Series Book #1


In New Hell, only the monsters survive.

Eden Alvaro is a licensed Vulture, picking through the aftermath of violence in demon-plagued LA, and fencing her finds to help support her family. But when a crooked cop reports her for a salvage she didn’t take, all hell breaks loose.

Stripped of her license, Eden finds herself with a price on her head. When the mercenaries hunting her raid her home, brutalize her family and abduct one of her sisters, Eden turns to the enigmatic Bishop—a man with a reputation for violence who, for the right price, can find just about anything or anyone.

With time running out to find her sister before she’s sold into slavery, Eden is determined to get her back—even if she has to slaughter her way through a gang affiliated with the traffickers and face down one of the powerful demons in control of the city.

She’ll need every bit of her burgeoning magical powers to bring her sister back alive—and she’ll need to put herself in debt to Bishop. But when it comes to her family, no price is too high for Eden to pay.

Sinners on Sunset, California Demon Series Book #2


The tax demons want their pound of flesh. Or fifty-two thousand dollars.

Unable to pay what she owes, Eden is forced to fight a never-ending stream of bounty hunters while she tries to clear her name and find the cop who set her up. But demons are not known for their patience, and the new mercenary hired to bring Eden in dead or alive has magical abilities of his own—magical abilities oddly similar to Eden’s.

Desperate, she turns to a friend for help, but Detective Juke demands a favor in return— help to find the demon or mage responsible for a killing spree that leaves victims dead and boneless and she’ll investigate Eden’s claims.

But time is running out for Eden. The mage-mercenary is closing in. Her owed “favors” to demons are stacking up. And her debt to the enigmatic Bishop is beginning to rival what the tax office believes she owes.

Eden will need to rely on her pistol, her wits, and her magic to save herself. And if that isn’t enough, she may need to bargain away her soul.

Ventura Hellway, California Demon Series Book #3


Beware the devils who promise miracles.

When an old flame asks Eden to help find his younger brother, she initially refuses. Searching for Anton will put her smack in the middle of the Disciples—as well as on the radar of the demon who might own her soul. But a sense of obligation (plus the promised payout), overrides her instincts for self-preservation, and Eden takes the job.

In the depths of a human underworld, Eden finds Anton and a whole lot more. Here the lawlessness of New Hell reigns. Organizers of cage fighting matches profit off human desperation, and a drug called Aries promises heaven but delivers hell.

With the future of humanity at stake, Eden will need to face the dark origins of her magic, to embrace both who she was and what she’s becoming—all to save those who may not even be worth saving.

The Devil Went Down to Glendale, California Demon Series Book #4


To settle her debt with the tax demons, Eden promised them ten jobs, but she didn’t think the demons would cash in on her vow so quickly.

When she discovers her target is a man she once knew and loved—one who vanished from her and her family’s lives the day he turned eighteen—Eden is torn between her promise to the tax demons and old loyalties.

Drew wants her to join him and work to return LA to the humans, but he doesn’t know the real Eden—the one who most definitely isn’t human. Would he change his mind if he knew the truth? And is LA better off swapping one master for another?

Eden faces two options: Return to her human life and leave Bishop and her shifter friends behind, or cross the line to find a place among the “others” and risk losing human friends and family.

As tensions rise between humans and supernatural beings Eden is caught in the crossfire of loyalty and betrayal with the winner taking all—including LA.