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A Week at the Beach

It’s summer, and therefore time for our annual family pilgrimage to pay homage to sand and surf.  Trust me, taking three boys to the beach isn’t exactly a relaxing vacation.  17yo brought a friend a long, and I only saw them in the mornings, passed out in the living room with the TV running infomercials. […]

RT and New Orleans!

As usual, I headed off to New Orleans and the RT Booklovers Convention a disorganized, hot mess.  I threw a random collection of clothing into a suitcase (with three pairs of cowboy boots – priorities!), mailed whatever books and swag I had pulled together down to my hotel, and stepped off the plane with only […]

Frenzied RT Prep

April was a crazy month for me – business travel, house shopping, a new puppy (Bones the Bloodhound), and the looming deadline for Demons of Desire.  The most difficult part of the month was the sudden critical illness of our beloved elderly Collie, Rio.  After five days at the animal hospital, she made a miraculous […]

An Author in Aruba

I could totally get used to this – writing on the beach with a cold beer in hand.  But, alas, I did not move to Aruba, I only went there last week for vacation.  Here are the pics to prove it: Megan and I arrived after noon, changed, said “hi” to the various friends and […]

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