Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. . .
Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. . .

April was a crazy month for me – business travel, house shopping, a new puppy (Bones the Bloodhound), and the looming deadline for Demons of Desire.  The most difficult part of the month was the sudden critical illness of our beloved elderly Collie, Rio.  After five days at the animal hospital, she made a miraculous turnaround, and came home weak but recovering. We had her for a precious week before she suddenly passed away Easter night.  My heart aches every time I look at this picture, but I know she had a wonderful, full, and long life.  May she always “dance upon the sand”, my beloved Rio.

Now I’m  deep in last moment preparations for the RT conference in New Orleans May 13 – 18.  I’m heading down a few days early to do some research for Demons of Desire (which is set in the city).  As much as I love the research, I’m so excited for RT!  SWAG

Swag!  Everyone at the Washington Romance Writers Retreat loved my red sparkly devil horns, so I decided to give away 169 of them as freebie swag at the event.  Why 169, you ask?  Well, that’s all the Halloween wholesaler had in their warehouse.  Yep, I cleaned them out.

Box O SwagThey’re attached via ribbon to gorgeous bookmarks designed by Ashley at Bookish Brunette. Yeah, I know – bookmarks are sooooo 2010, but these are SWEET!

And I’ve got a freebie booklet featuring a group of indie paranormal romance/urban fantasy authors and their books.  This was one of those last-minute brain children that caused me a bottle’s worth of Advil in headaches.  All my graphic designer folks were slammed and couldn’t squeeze in the job, so I got the crazy idea to do it myself.  How hard could it be?  I had Claudia at Phatpuppy and Ashley at Bookish Brunette doing the cover.  My 17yo son knows Publisher.  I knew exactly what I wanted.Booklet Cover sm

Yikes.  Evidently I know NOTHING when it comes to promotional booklets.  That whole trim area, saddle stitch offset, bleeds, one up, and file type was completely alien territory for me.  If it hadn’t been for the amazing customer service and quality that Conquest Graphics routinely provides, this booklet would never have been possible.  Thanks to Samantha Bonilla and her co-workers, I’ll have 500 amazing booklets the morning before I leave for New Orleans – just in time to slap a label on and stick on the plane.  I swear, these folks have never let me down when I’ve had a print job.  I can’t give them enough props for their helpful staff and insane attention to detail and quality.

Are you in NOLA or attending RT?  Find me!  I have a booklet and a set of devil horns for you!  And if you don’t make it, no worries – there will be other opportunities to get a set of horns for your very own.  As soon as that Halloween wholesaler has replenished their stock.


    • amanda138a

    • 8 years ago

    I wanted to let you know how sorry I am at the loss of your beloved Rio, I lost my best friend Bowie on Easter Friday he was my 18 yr old cat an amazing friend and family member, he seemed to have a sense when I was feeling particularly anxious or depressed he seemed to know when my pain was bad and would always find a way to snuggle with me ensuring I could bring my anxiety levels down just by stroking him, I did the best thing for him though the hardest desicion I’ve ever had to make and let him go as he was now riddled with arthritis and in so much pain.
    So I just wanted you to know that you should hold dear the week Rio gave you, and know that she surely loved you as much if not more to give you that extra week of memories. Xx

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss too. RIP Bowie 🙁
      And yes, that last week with her was very precious. Her illness had been so sudden that it gave me time to come to grips with the knowledge that I wouldn’t have her company much longer, and extra love and cuddles.

  1. I am so terribly sorry for your loss! It is so incredibly sad when you lose your loved one. There is nothing I can say that will help, but I am sure Rio had a WONDERFUL life with you, and is dancing happily with all her new friends on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

    Blessed be,

    1. Thanks Leiah. We had to say “goodbye” to our beloved shelter mutt, Pye-dog, last year whose arthritis became too painful for meds to help. I’ve lost many canine and feline best buds over my life, so I’m sure Rio is in good company. Their lives are so short, but all the joyful moments are worth it. Horses, dogs, cats – I can’t imagine my life without the four-legged loved ones!

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