I’m really excited to have a guest blog today from writer Liv Rancourt.  Liv is another author, whose short story An Accidental Witch is included along with mine in the anthology, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft.  An excerpt of her short story follows the post – I’m sure you’ll want to read more!


Thanks so much, Debra, for inviting me to be a guest on your blog. I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with your readers.

I was scrolling through some of your older posts and came across one where you self-identify as a geek. Cool, that. Your pride in the term reminded me of my fourteen year old daughter who, a week or so into her first year at a new school, came home as excited as I’ve ever seen her.

“Mom, today I met the geeks! They are SO cool!!!


  1. Great post, as always, Liv! I read/heard Sir Arthur killed off Sherlock because he was tired of writing about him, but then I thought he got such grief from fans he brought him back to life. I could be wrong 😉

    Go Geeks of past and present!!

    1. I heard that story too, Deb, and if you read the blog post I linked to, you’ll see an entirely plausible way that the BBC show producers worked around that little conundrum. You’ll also see a person who’s got a WHOLE lot more time to pay attention to things like this than I do…

    • Jillian

    • 10 years ago

    Cool post. Did you know that back in the old days, a geek was actually someone who performed in the old traveling shows who bit the heads off chickens? We’ve come a long way, baby!

    Also, that episode of Sherlock was titled Rickenback Falls, I believe which is the same title of the story where Arthur Conan Doyle originally “killed” Sherlock because he was tired of writing about him- ergo, it is my belief that he’s still alive. Can’t get one past this geek (the non-head-eating variety).

    Cool post. Awesome excerpt

    1. I think that some circus performers still refer to themselves as geeks – sword swallowers, lightbulb eaters, etc. Although I’m going off some pretty dusty memories! It would be pretty funny for a circus performer and a game developer to meet at a party and introduce themselves to each other as ‘geeks’. LOL

      1. Ladies, there’s a joke in there somewhere. Didja here the one about the time the lightbulb eater, the biochemist, and Bill Gates went into a bar…
        Thanks Jillian!

          • jillian

          • 10 years ago

          Love that idea. Someone should run with it!

        1. Oh yeah! LOL!

  2. Hey Debra! Thanks so much for the chance to share your blog space. And if any of you readers likes the excerpt, check out Beltane: Ten Tales Of Witchcraft which is available from Amazon (
    In addition to my story “An Accidental Witch”, Debra’s “Love Magick” is there, too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Liv! Loved your blog post.
      “An Accidental Witch” is one of ten great short stories in this anthology. A book worthy of Kindle space (or Nook!).

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