logsThis may be a problem that only pantsers such as myself experience, but I’ll throw it out there anyway.  Stuck Plot.  It’s not the same as writer’s block.  The story is there, the characters are clamoring to get out, but try as I might, nothing appears on the page.  I feel like there’s a logjam inside my head, and I need some major construction equipment to get it out.

logs2I may be a pantser, but I have an outline.  It’s one of those big, plot “W’s


    • Dana

    • 9 years ago

    I completely understand. I’m at that point right now. My main character needs to get from point A to point B, but if I do that at this stage in the story, it doesn’t make sense.
    Maybe working in something else will help. But for me, usually taking a break from writing works. I’m about to drive 600 miles to return from vacation. Hopefully, that will work.
    And of course, there’s the old reliable, “talk to your plotting partners.” 🙂

    1. Hope the drive helps! If not, maybe we can all meet for a brainstorming session.
      I think one of my issues is that I’m at a battle scene, and I don’t normally have those in my books. Almost all my fighting is one-on-one. I’m having to map out some strategy, who is where, etc. I ended up skipping it with a placeholder while I work out the details in my head.

        • Dana

        • 9 years ago

        Ooh! Battle scenes! Feel free to send me the troop layout and strategy for review. I love that sort of stuff.

        1. Will do – would love your feedback!
          It’s demons though. Yeah, the elves had troop layout and strategy, but the demons dissolve into a chaos of independent action. Doesn’t help that Dar, who is supposed to be leading the demon troops, has abandoned his post to back-up Sam. It turns into a free for all that ends up working, against all odds.
          I’ll send you the rough sketch scene next week if you’ve got time to take a peek.

            • Dana

            • 9 years ago

            Sounds good! Interesting problems

  1. Interesting problem, and one which I have (to date) not had yet. I think that it is because of my writing method; I am also a “pantser,” and I do pretty much no outlining whatsoever. Instead, I take a page out of Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I create characters and a situation…and I watch them. I follow them. I let them do what they’re doing and I write down what that is. Rarely do I have to go back and “rewrite” (although I need to do that presently for a short scene, actually). The weakness in this technique is that I tend to get through the story very very quickly and sometimes have to find places where I went too fast.

    1. I’ve had to do that too, Jason. I think I rush some scenes, but I’m good at catching them on the rewrite. (Hopefully!)

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