Office smHere it is – my new office.  As you may remember, I’ve been writing the past 2 years on a couch and coffee table in a high-traffic area downstairs.  It has its pros and cons.  The good thing is I can usually work while a kiddo is home sick and watching TV in the other room, or squeeze in some writing after dinner while they unwind watching (you guessed it) TV in the other room.  The cons are. . . well, pretty much the same.  The local hasn’t allowed me to really section off my work time and “other” time and it’s all blended together.  Plus since the parlor was a pass through to get to the kitchen, I found myself constantly distracted and sometimes interrupted by well meaning family members who plopped down in a chair to converse with me, not knowing that they were interrupting a really critical scene.

Well, no more.  I’ve moved all the kid toys out, painted the walls a lovely shade of silvery gray, and installed hubby’s old desk from down in the barn.  I also shelled out for an electrician to come in and replace the ancient light fixture and faulty switch with nifty track lighting and a dimmer.  The electrician also ripped out the old baseboard heat (we’ve since upgraded to a different system) and gave me an addition four outlets from the 220 wiring already in place.  That’s a big deal when you live in a farmhouse that’s almost 200 years old.

I love it.  It’s my very own little space with things just the way I like them to be.  *Sigh* every writer should have one.


    • Dana

    • 9 years ago

    Thought you’d find this interesting based on the subject.

  1. Excellent! Very professional looking. I’m sure that the words will flow better than where you were being interrupted. I know the feeling! I’m working on the kitchen table at the moment. Not ideal. I’ll blog the story when I move my writing back into my den.

    1. Thanks guys! I am feeling a lot more focused having a space of my own.

  2. Looks great. Love the paint color you used for the walls. That desk looks nice and spacious, too. You should get a lot done in a space like that!

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