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Tags: Foreign film

Volver (Movie Review)

VOLVER – Directed by Pedro Almodovar This Spanish film, with Penelope Cruz, is clever and quirky as it follows two sisters dealing with death and return in their lives.  The opening scene sets the tone of the film, showing women working to clean the gravestones in their village cemetery as a fierce wind quickly eradicates […]

The Lives of Others

THE LIVES OF OTHERS – Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Set in the mid 80’s East Berlin, a Stasi agent is sent to spy and report on possible anti-communist party activities of a well known playwright and his lover.  Agent Wiesler is a credit to his job, but as the assignment progresses, he finds himself […]

La Vie en Rose

Movie Review:  La Vie en Rose, Director Olivier Dahan, 2007 La Vie en Rose tells the story of the life of Edith Piaf, born in 1915 into a life of poverty and raised for a portion of her life in a brothel.  As a child, she joined her father’s street performance act, and began singing […]

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