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Vitus (2006) Directed by Fredi M. Murer

(Winner of Swiss Film Prize for  Best Film of 2007)

Vitus (played in part by piano virtuoso Teo Gheorghiu) is a child genius whose life is carefully guided along by  his loving, but ambitious parents.  He chafes under the regimented schedule by sassing his teachers and occasional displays of stubborn independence.  One by one, his world is narrowed and choices taken away.  His teenage babysitter, whom he secretly loves, is dismissed.  His beloved piano teacher is replaced by a more fitting one.  The only relief that remains is the time he spends with his Grandfather, carving boomerangs, making model airplanes, and discussing a dizzying array of life choices that Vitus finds outside his reach.  As the pressure grows, Vitus makes a dramatic choice, launching himself off his balcony with play wings to land crumpled on the courtyard below.  His injuries are minor, but he has lost his genius and testing reveals he is “normal

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