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This is a Norwegian movie, that starts up with a Blair Witch setup:  Young folk, in the middle of nowhere, with a hand-held camera bite off more than they can chew.  Even the beginning, with the scrolling tale of how these tapes were discovered in the wilderness, but the youth were never found, is Blair Witch.  But a few seconds in and Trollhunter suddenly becomes more Storm Chasers, lighter, with a campy kind of humor. 

These college kids are tracking down an alleged illegal bear hunter, pestering him with the enthusiasm and recklessness of paparazzi.   They peek in the windows of his mobile home, accost him in his car, follow him as he heads into the wilderness.  Finally, Hans (no last name) gives in and allows them to film his exploits after the kids find their car squished and are nearly killed by . . . . a TROLL.  A huge, slimy, club wielding, three headed monstrosity.  Hans informs them the extra two heads are merely appendages that develop as the troll ages, and suddenly the movies goes from Blair Witch to Storm Chasers, to Animal Planet Documentary.  The viewing public learns interesting facts about Troll dietary habits, mating rituals, and  hideous sleep farts.  There is a secret government agency that ensures the existence of the trolls is kept secret, and they remain securely hidden in their “territories

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