Adventures in Intergalactic Backpacking


You know what’s worse than being abducted by aliens, poked and prodded, then dumped on a weird planet with nothing but a bag of food pellets and my backpack?

Having to go through all this with Ethan.

He’s the walking stereotype of a rich, privileged dude-bro, and it was the worst day of my life when the aliens grabbed him along with me.

I need to learn how to survive, to find food and shelter and not get eaten by the monsters that roam this place. I need to figure out where I am, and why these aliens keep showing up to gawk and throw canned tuna at me. And I need a cup of coffee. I seriously need a cup of coffee.

Most of all, I need to not kill Ethan, because although he’s a jerk, at least he’s a human jerk. Besides, I might need to trade him for a spaceship ride home.