Templar Series 1-3

All that stands between modern Baltimore and the monsters is the black sheep of the Templar Order in this three book set.

Dead Rising – Book 1
Guard the Temple.
Safeguard Pilgrims on the Path.
Record knowledge—both holy and unholy.
Those are the three mandates Templar Knights have followed since the twelfth century.

But it’s the twenty-first century and Aria is not a Knight. She’s refused to take her oath, and is barely making ends meet as a part-time barista in Baltimore when the local vampires approach her with an offer she can’t refuse.

Last Breath – Book 2
What do a dead cosplayer and a ritual murder have in common? Plenty.

Is the killer an angel or a demon, or both? Aria can’t ignore the bloodbath happening right under her nose, and she definitely can’t ignore the practice of death magic that has stolen innocent lives and souls.

Bare Bones – Book 3
Skinned bodies are turning up in broom closets and garages, but when these bodies are identified, the ‘victims’ are found to be very much alive. Was there a mistake at the morgue? Is the murderer a serial killer with a gruesome fixation on taxidermy?

Aria will need all of her friends – both alive and dead – to help catch these killers before they strike again.

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