The End of a Season

Charlie and Slim Goshen Opening hunt 2011Last week, Charles Norman Shaffer died at the age of 82.  Evidently he was a celebrity, known for his representation of John Dean during the Watergate trials, and his assistance in the prosecution of Jimmy Hoffa.  (Details HERE and HERE)  I did not know this.  In fact, I barely knew him at all, but here’s what I did know:

Charlie was an avid foxhunter up until his death.  Yes, in his early 80’s this man would be out there at sunup, charging through field and wood on his huge chestnut Thoroughbred, Slim.  He was always impeccably turned out – full attire, braided mane on Slim, shiny boots that looked like he’d wrapped them in cellophane until he mounted his horse.  He had an elegant way of speaking, a witty banter that went along with his Earl-in-a-Regency-Romance image.  Just watching him sent me back two hundred years, day dreaming of manor houses and weekend hunt parties.  Continue reading

A Cozy Blanket and Two Books

Doing the happy dance right now because I’ve got two new books on my Kindle.  Don’t expect to see me do anything this weekend that doesn’t involve my super-soft throw blanket and the reclining sectional.

The one person standing between Hell… and an innocent girl… is a man without a soul.

A regular life isn’t in the cards for Dorian Lake, but with his charm-crafting business invigorated, and the prospect of a serious relationship within his grasp, life is closer to normal than Dorian could ever expect. In the heat of the Baltimore mayoral campaign, Dorian has managed to balance his arrangements with Deputy Mayor Julian Bright with his search to find his lost soul. Dorian soon learns of a Netherworker, the head of a dangerous West Coast cabal, who might be able to find and return his soul. The price? Just one curse. Continue reading

Three Wishes Excerpt

Dar helped his foster sister become the ruler of Hel, and helped her free the enslaved humans from the elves. It’s about time he helped himself – to a fun week of mayhem in the Windy City. Collapsing a few buildings and corrupting politicians is an ideal vacation for a demon in Chicago, but Dar didn’t count on a beautiful angel sabotaging his fun and putting him to work.
Asta is an angelic enforcer, scanning for demons in her assigned territory and sending them to an early grave. Unfortunately, the latest trespasser from Hel has diplomatic immunity – but immunity doesn’t mean she can’t coerce him into helping her track and dispatch the powerful demon that’s been cycling in and out of her radar for the last few days.
Demons are the sworn enemies of every angel, but Asta must learn to trust Dar or the dark presence that is growing in Chicago will spread – and this particular enemy has the skills and knowledge to send human civilization back to the dark ages.
She has one week left as an enforcer before she returns to her heavenly home – one week to catch an elusive monster, and one week to safeguard her heart from the demon who is determined to seduce her to sin.


The demon shed his rat form, rising to his feet and shooing the rats away from Asta.  They fled obediently, darting into nooks and crannies in the building wall and along the fence line until the only two beings in the alleyway were Asta and the demon. Continue reading

Audio Release: Imp Forsaken

Imp Forsaken Cover Web VersionBook 5 in the Imp Series is now available on Audible.  Within the next few days, iTunes and Amazon will also have the audio edition.  We’ve begun production on Book 6, Angel of Chaos, which will catch all my listeners up on the Imp Series.

In other audio news, I’ll be auditioning narrators for the Half-Breed Series, starting with Demons of Desire, this spring.  Expect to see Demons of Desire, Sins of the Flesh, and the upcoming Imp Series book, Kingdom of Lies, all in audio in 2015!

Also, don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Three Wishes and catch up with Dar in Chicago.