Kingdom of Lies – Chapter 1

Kingdom of Lies Cover Final 2 thumbnailAs promised, here is a little bit from Kingdom of Lies to hold you all off until next week. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


The man screamed. It was more high-pitched than I’d expected a three-hundred-pound dude packing two .45s and covered in gang tattoos to make. He probably wouldn’t have normally reacted this way to an unarmed brunette woman, but lots of his buddies had gone missing lately, and the word was out on the street that bad shit had happened to them. The few that reappeared had stories — stories that were making grown men wet their pants. Continue reading

Kingdom of Lies – delayed release!

Kingdom of Lies Cover Final 2 thumbnailBad news: My editor has had some work emergencies and hasn’t been able to get the edits back to me on Kingdom of Lies. I’m hoping to have a portion of it by end of day Sunday (the 30th) so I can post some teaser chapters to hold you off.

She’s hoping to get everything to me by next weekend, so I’m shooting for a new release date of September 9th.  I’ll do everything in my power to try to get it published before then – I promise! As soon as she gets it to me, I’ll be working around the clock to get it done and to my coder for upload.

Better news: Demons of Desire has an audio edition just waiting for Audible to approve it for sale!  I’ll announce here as soon as it’s up, and we’ll begin production on Sins of the Flesh next.

Great news: September 1st I’ll be turning over a short story to be included in an anthology with lots of kick-ass Urban Fantasy authors. Pub date for that is tentatively September 21st. It’s a never-been-released-before prequel of Sam that takes place about six months before A Demon Bound, so you’re going to want it!

Hang in there guys.  Eat hot wings and watch some porn until the book goes live. I’ll hurry as fast as I can.

Kingdom of Lies – Cover Reveal

Kingdom of Lies Cover Final 2 thumbnailSam is back! It’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the next book in the Imp Series:

Kingdom of Lies – Release Date August 30, 2015

Samantha Martin may be the leader of Hel, but she is also an imp in debt to a sorcerer. Luckily he’s vowed to wipe away all the favors she owes for one job – retrieve a stolen gem.

But Gregory also needs her help.  Interdimensional rifts are opening, spilling supernatural creatures into the world of the humans. Locating and closing the gateways takes a team of two – an angel and a demon.

It’s the opportunity Sam has been waiting for, the very thing that might allow demons and angels to put aside nearly three million years of hate. But the gem has a dark power – one that could shatter any hope of peace between heaven and hell. Which task takes priority? Sam is at a crossroads, where either choice leads to a dark future.

There won’t be a pre-order on this one, so make sure you’re signed up for New Release Alerts.  As an added incentive to snatch this one up right out of the gate, I’ll be putting it for sale at $3.99 for two weeks before the price increases to $4.99.


Sins of the Flesh Release

New to the Half-Breed Series? Book 1, Demons of Desire is on sale for 0.99 – for a limited time only.


Sins of the Flesh

The Hawaiian Islands in spring should be a romantic paradise, but along with rekindled passion Amber and Irix discover a magical spell gone horribly wrong.

Two sex demons could set Maui aflame with desire, but there’s another creature with a more lethal inferno planned. Defeating it and saving the island will take all of Amber’s new found powers, as well as the help of friends new and old. Especially since there’s more to this enemy than first meets the eye.


The Half-Breed Series is spicy New Adult with supernatural plots in exotic locations. Fun, light and humorous writing style make these the perfect sexy books to read by the pool or at the beach this summer.


Get Off My Lawn?

This month I turned 50. And I will publish the second in my New Adult, Half-Breed Series – Sins of the Flesh.

I love writing about Amber. She’s not human, but as a college senior, she has all that hope and optimism, the liberal views that so many young people have. She’s about to start her life, to take her place in the adult world as a contributing member of society. It’s a magical point in a person’s life, and I hope I never grow too old to appreciate that.

My eldest turned eighteen this year. We drove the six hours this spring to tour his college choice – six hours of listening to rap music while he drove. Six hours that I finally got to hear what was happening in his life beyond ‘can you spot me a twenty until payday’ or ‘I’m going fishing this weekend with Justin. See you Sunday night’. Continue reading