An 80’s Punk Romance

I was lurking on Kboards one day, and stumbled across an author asking for a cover critique.  It was a nice, romance-type cover, and the name of the book Ache sounded like this would be an erotic romance.

But the synopsis the author gave made me head straight over to Amazon and load books one and two onto my Kindle. I graduated high school in 1983.  Although I only flirted on the fringes of the punk scene, I couldn’t resist a romance steeped in images from my youth. The fact that the main character is 18 (I’m not a huge fan of YA novels) didn’t dissuade me.  Continue reading

Free Anthology to Jingle Your Bells

Can’t wait for more Sam and Gregory?  Well, wait no longer! I’m participating in an anthology with five other fantasy authors –  Connie Suttle, Mark Henwick, Susan Illene, J.C. Mells, and J.T. Bock.

Here’s the summary for my short story:

The Naughty List by Debra Dunbar

Samantha Martin is an Imp, on holiday with her angelic main-squeeze, Gregory.  What better place to show an angel the true meaning of Christmas than a small Alpine resort town?  But it’s hard to keep up the impish good cheer when people are being murdered for their sinful ways.  Could the killer be. . . Santa?

This anthology won’t cost anything but your agreement to being added to all participating author’s book release alerts.  Your email won’t be sold, or used in any other way, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Not a bad deal for six FREE short stories!

Sign up on the form below and you’ll automatically receive the anthology on December 20th.  Enjoy!!

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An Author Seduced By The Beast

beastLet me introduce you to The Beast – a 2005 Ford Excursion diesel with a roaring custom exhaust, a chip-thingie that makes it go stupidly fast and gobble up fuel at an alarming rate, and an impressive turbo whiny noise when I stomp on it.

The Tahoe found itself in the middle of a usage tug of war between my significant other and myself.  Poor confused SUV!  Was it a beer delivery vehicle?  A means to tow the horse trailer?  So I began the search for a new horse-trailer-towing truck, and fell in love with The Beast.

The PT Cruiser is still a blast to drive.  I love that little speedy mom-mobile too.  Hey, a girl can share her affections without fear of being called a car-slut, can’t she?  It’s 2014, after all.  Yeah, I still love the PT, but oh my how The Beast calls to me! Continue reading

Farewell to a Pony

RIP Dante, 2014  37 years old – give or take a few years

Dante came to us eight years ago as a free pony.  The riding school where he worked was losing their leased pasture due to owner property sale, and Dante couldn’t be on stall board due to heaves (a kind of equine asthma).  We were the perfect home with 80 acres of pasture and a nice barn run-in that he never seemed to use.  I’d go out in the pouring rain and he’d be soaked, unconcerned in the field.  There were days when he was out there with icicles on his fur.  No bad weather seemed to bother him – fitting for a guy who was part Highland Pony.

Nick and Dante 2He’d been a cart pony at the school, giving driving lessons to both adults and children.  I barely knew how to ride, let alone drive, so at our farm he became a riding pony.  I hacked out around the farm with him.  My eldest son took riding lessons with him.  Dante gave kids a ride at birthday parties, ran games courses, and more.  He went through his days with a sort of grumpy stoicism, but underneath the crusty exterior, he was a loving, gentle guy.

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Guns and Soybeans

photo 1 (2)Sweetie served in the Air Force and many of our friends are veterans, so this year he decided to have a Veterans’ Day Bang Party.  Which means a bunch of people heading out into the field behind the brewery and shooting guns at a target.

Searching for brass casings

Searching for brass casings

I know lots of my readers are wondering about the appeal, and a decade ago I was right there with you.  I’d never shot anything beyond a BB gun at some soda cans until I started dating Sweetie.  I still know squat about guns, but there’s something fun (and bonding) about hanging out with a bunch of people, admiring each other’s firearms and trying them out.

Some impromptu target repair

Some impromptu target repair

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