A Black Sunday

Writer. That means I should be sitting on my deck right now, coffee in hand as I spin my next novel. Occasionally that does happen, but lots of time is spent in promotion, advertising, and administrative/distribution tasks when you’re self-published.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I awake to birdsong, hungry children, and this e-mail from Amazon: Continue reading

New Release – Dead Rising

It’s alive!!! Dead Rising, Book 1 in my new Templar Series, was released yesterday. You can get it at Amazon, and if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, then you can read it for free.

Last Breath, book 2, is in revisions right now and will go off to edit in February for a March 17th release date.  It’s available on pre-order HERE.

Which means in a few weeks I’ll be starting on book 3, Bare Bones.  Stay tuned for a cover reveal and release date on that one. After I have those 3 books out, I’ll be turning my attention back to Sam and book 8 of the Imp Series – Exodus.

Happy reading!


There’s a Templar in Town

Dead Rising, The Templar Series Book 1, is now available for pre-order at Amazon! This is a new series, different from the Imp World.  The first book will release January 15th, quickly followed by Book 2, Last Breath, in March.

Just to give you all a peek at the new series:

Chapter 1

The sun had set by the time I made my way out of the theater. Mist, heavy in the muggy summer air, made the streetlights seem as if they had halos of gold. Music thumped from a club down the block, and the faint aroma of steamy garbage hit my nose.

Baltimore. My new home. A city where it seemed the streetlights were the only things with halos.

The play had sucked. What had possessed me to go see an artistic rendering of the 1793 yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia, set to Bernstein-style music no less? Ugh. Just, ugh.

I know what had possessed me. Boredom. It was Wednesday night. What else was I supposed to do? Certainly not hang out with friends or go on a date like normal people. No, I was watching people die in three acts. The actors, their careers, the audience. I think a little bit of my soul died in that theater.

And now I faced the prospect of driving through the less-desirable portions of the city, thinking about jaundiced, feverish people coughing up blood clots. Driving back to my tiny, ratty apartment, where I’d sit the rest the evening alone, sleeping and counting down the hours until I put on a scratchy polyester shirt and khaki pants, and went to my minimum wage job.

Why did I think this was a good idea? The whole thing, not just the crappy play. My days were one mind-numbing hour following the other. It was minimally better than the life I’d left back home. No wonder normal people turned to drink and drugs.

It was a sad commentary on my life that I felt a jolt of excitement to see a man standing beside my car, obviously waiting for me. He wore leather several shades darker than his skin with a chain belt. Kinky. Weird. If he’d have been a human, I would have pulled the mace out of my purse in preparation to defend myself. Since he was a vampire, I instead got out my car keys. Continue reading

Krampus is Coming to Town

Sam and Gregory are off on a romantic holiday getaway, but Krampus isn’t a big fan of kissing under the mistletoe. Is Sam on the Naughty List? You know she is!

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The Naughty List

Please note that this short story is also featured in the anthology A Very Paranormal Holiday released in 2014, but is not offered for sale outside of the anthology.

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Hoping you all have an angel by your side this holiday season, and that Krampus isn’t the one filling your stocking.  – Debra