Impish Fun for 99 Cents

For the first time EVER, A Demon Bound is on sale!  Been longing to cut loose with some impish behavior, but not quite ready to commit to Hel yet?  This is your chance.  Through September 19th, get the first in my Imp Series for 99 cents at Amazon.  Come on, you’ve got that much floating around under your sofa cushions!

Go ahead, dip your toes in the lava-hot water and give the Imp Series a try.

Giant Duck Fail

During a wine-assisted evening, I seem to have mistakenly bought three ginormous red rubber devil duckies – filled with strawberry scented bubble bath.

I’m sure you can imagine my face opening that Amazon box!  These suckers are huge. And I have three of them.  This was what I was supposed to get:

Instead of three little red rubber duckies, I got these bread-loaf sized monsters.  I can’t even find them on Amazon.  Clearly some warehouse guy had a wicked sense of hump-day humor.  They’re cool, so I’m not returning them.  Instead I’m going to send them to three lucky ducks.  I mean demons.

I’ll draw three names from among my Debra’s Demons on Friday, September 5th, and those lucky three imps will get themselves a giant rubber devil duck filled with bubble bath.

Not one of Debra’s Demons?  Shame, shame!  Join up HERE and you’ll get an Imp Kit full of cool swag, newsletters with all the inside scoop and excerpts, and access to a special Facebook group where all the demons yuck it up (and where you’ll read squee-worthy snippets of what I’m currently writing)

Don’t delay, because Friday the 5th these big-ass ducks are going to fly away to their new home – which could be yours!

Angel of Chaos Pre-Order

I’m excited to announce that Amazon is now allowing me (and other indie authors) to accept pre-orders on their site!  No more sitting in front of your computer, frantically hitting the refresh button on release day.  Just pre-order, and Amazon will send it right to your device on October 13th.

I’ll post the link to the Apple pre-order button for my iBook readers as soon as they have it live.

Off the Grid

I’m leaving all this behind for a week and journeying to Wyoming, where some friends and I will head oOffice smut on horseback into the mountains.  We’ll be out there six days – camping and eating food that I’m assured will be better than dried beans and grill Spam.  I’m no stranger to minimalist camping, although I may sneak a box of wine into my saddlebag.  What does give me heart palpitations is that there will be no cell service or place to plug in my laptop.

The draft of Angel of Chaos is coming together, and I’m thrilled with how this book is turning out.  My trip will give me some extra time to mull things over in this novel, and research a paranormal romance I hope to write around the end of the year.

Expect a blogpost with some beautiful pictures when I return.  If I return.  I’m told the outfitter is supplying us with bear repellent.  I’m hoping they also supply us with rifles, because I can’t imagine bear mace doing anything besides pissing an 800 pound Grizzly off.

Happy Trails!